2020-04-11 – The Easter Story is One of Hope

Dear friend:

The Easter story is one of hope.

We are presently living with circumstances that mirror those of the early followers of Jesus at the time of His crucifixion more closely than most of us have ever experienced. Good Friday was a bleak and dark day for the believers of Jesus’ time. The current onslaught of statistics enumerating people around the world who have contracted COVID-19 and those that have succumbed to it makes for bleak, dark days. The early converts grieved for what they thought was a loss of hope. We grieve for loved ones, friends and neighbours next door and around the globe dealing with the ravages of this virus.

BUT, the Easter story is actually one of triumph over despair, light over darkness. As you navigate this pandemic, perhaps trying to find some sense of calm, remember that Paul’s promise of peace with God did not mean all would be rosy and cheerful, without troubles. Easter reminds us the Christian faith is built on the historical truth that peace with God is God’s initiative, it comes through the death of His Son on the cross. These gifts of Hope and Peace are promised by the Grace of a non-judgmental God through the sacrifice of His Son on the cross.
Today, all front-line workers, whether they are in health-care, delivery, protection, grocery services or manufacturing, etc., are literally sacrificing their health, safety and lives to support us. We applaud all levels of government for their non-partisan approach to managing in this rapidly changing and unchartered territory.
Jesus rose on Easter Sunday to embody the power of God’s Grace, His Love, and the promise of Hope and Peace in a changed world. We too will come out of this dark, fearsome time into a changed world. As the song “Heaven’s Hymn” says “..all is right with Jesus by my side..”, it is important to remember to take time for ourselves, wave to a friend, and pray.

Blessings at Easter and beyond, Be Well,
Your Caring & Sharing Squad

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