2020-04-12 – An Easter Prayer – God Bless the Space Between Us

Holy God,
You are Holy Mystery that is
Wholly Love.
We come to you today as wholly as we are.
We join the women of the First Easter Morning
and all the saints of the past, the present
and the future and seek out your BLESSING –
The Blessing that fills in the gaps of the empty spaces.

May Your BLESSING become evident to us,
Like water for the parched soul.
A word of courage for the exhausted mind
A salving oil for the cracked heels.

Help us, O God, to dance with the winds of change,
and may the risen SON be the reason we sing.
Lighten the gravity of our grief with Your Grace.
Help us sing the Hallelujahs with Joy.

May Your Light guide our path,
Your Peace be our lead,
and like streams in the desert
our sorrows turn into delight!

Help us to stay focused on
Your Love,
Your Grace
Your Mercy,
And Your Peace.
At this Easter time and always,
may we have the wisdom to remain in YOU,
as YOU remain in us unconditionally
and Bless the Space Between Us.

Rev. Takouhi Demirdjian-Petro
April 10, 2020

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