God’s Covenant NEVER Fails… July 7, 2020

Dear Elgin-Portland Pastoral Charge,

July 7, 2020 marked the Seventh Anniversary of our Covenant.

I still remember hearing, as if it was yesterday, the horrific news of Lac Magentic’s rail accident on July 6, 2013.

 On that day, we could have never imagined that we would face a pandemic in the 7th year of our partnership. I keep reminding myself, we may feel that we do not

know what the future holds, but we know deep down in our hearts who holds the future… Yes, things seem so chaotic in the world and many political leaders are not helping, however our job as the Church is to be an instrument of Peace even in the storm’s midst.

 I am so grateful to our moderator, The Right Reverend Richard Bott, for writing the article below to help us realize what is truly going on behind the scenes with our ministers and church staff.  Yes, it may look like the entire world is in a standstill but in reality, there is so much more taking place from Councils’ work to the Secretary, Building Caretakers and your Minister.

 I found this article helpful to me, and I wanted to share it with all of you… I hope you will be blessed with new understandings and allow gratitude to overflow from your heart to the world…

Be a Blessing – Today and always,
Rev. Takouhi

 p.s. there are a few French words in the article, so do not be surprised…

To those who read this message: You may know that your God or pastor and the staff working in your community of faith have been working hard since the beginning of the pandemic.

Many pasteures and pastors had to acquire new skills so that the community could continue to come together for worship. Others have expanded their pastoral network. The number of telephone and electronic communications has increased. Many have had to create a work space at their home, which has some benefits, while finding out what it means to have your office at home rather than being at home in the office.

Many of these pastors and pastors have young children, some of whom have needs when they are home. Others have adult children (young and older) who stay away.

Many of these pastors and pastors are responsible for communities of faith, some of which have died during lockdown. Some have died from the-19, others, other causes. In all these situations, ministry staff had to find ways to be present, without being physically present.

More than ever, the ministry staff (and sometimes the team around them) work without being seen. People can’t even come see them at their office anymore (although sometimes their role is little known). So some people think the pasteures and pastors and parish staff have been inactive in the past few months.

I invite you to trust me on this matter. They worked, even more than usual.

For you. For the whole community. For God.

As is the case for many people, their sleep has been disrupted, their stress level has risen and they are exhausted.

What do they need at this stage?

Well, a little word of thanks would probably do them good.

If you are not part of the elected Governance Team of your faith community, you could communicate with the authority that directs your parish, your God or pastor, or other staff members of your parish, and ask them how you can support the ministry in these days. (Many of you are part of faith communities celebrating online worship. Offer to animate a cult, either as an individual or as a team! You will be in front of your computer rather than in front of your coparoissiens and coparoissiennes, and I promise that the word of God will be easily manifested through your experience and faith.

Staff committees could provide valuable help by offering to replace the, pastors and staff who take rest time in the week or even, who wish to take vacation, if needed. Image may contain: pool

Recognizing that we will have to deal with this long-term situation, that there may be other waves of COVID-19 that will come, forcing us to be physically away from our communities of faith, and that the pasteures, the pastors and staff need to take time off, will contribute greatly to feeding the pastoral ties.

The pasteures, pastors and staff of your parish spread treasures of initiatives to support you, in your life as well as in your faith.

I invite you to offer them your support as well.

(Photo: rb)