Portland United Church, By the Numbers January –June 2020

Portland United Church, By the Numbers     January –June 2020

With physical services being suspended for 19 (3 snow days) of the 26 Sundays in the first half of 2020 it would be easy to assume our church is suffering financially and, if you looked at Junes offerings to the General Fund as being down 36%, compared to last year, as being a harbinger of things to come you may be right .

However the news is much brighter than this.

  • General Fund Giving’s are up $666 compared to Last Year and only down compared to budget because of the postponement of fund-raising activities.
  • General Fund expenses are below Last Year and Budget by $7000 and $4000 respectively, due to cost cutting measures and the reduction of costs associated with
  • The EPPC has qualified for government support in 3 months which has meant that not only has our assessment been reduced but all regular employees continue to be paid in full.
  • For May and June Portland United Church managed to Break even and as a result PUC has not needed to draw funds from the Long Term Investment Fund allowing it to recover from its 16% decline earlier in the year to its current 6% decline.  The church, even though the deficit so far this year is $4500, is actively delaying any LTIF fund withdrawals maximizing the funds available for recovery.
  • PUC completed its major building project, replacing the Friendship Hall roof, early in June and although the building fund is now depleted and looking for replenishment, no additional funds were required.
  • The Food Bank has received $11000 compared to $1700 in 2019 as the community and congregation stepped up to support those in need.
  • The Benevolent Fund has received $5000 more than Last Year in support of those in need of assistance during our current situation.
  • Mission and Service is roughly on par with Last Year.
  • Of our Local Missions, support for the Dental Issues Group is the only one which is suffering at this point in time, mainly because its major support activity the Community Lunches have been suspended.

In Summary thanks to both the congregation and the community PUC has weathered the first 6 months of the year well.

As society starts the process of returning to “Normal” there are many questions about what this will look like for Portland United Church.  With your continued support we will be in a position to adapt and remain able to influence the well being of those around us.

In God we Trust




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