2020-09-08 EUC Community Check-In

EUC Community Check-in

September 8, 2020

Thanks to all who volunteered at the Chicken BBQ August 29,

and to all who braved some wild weather and came to buy meals.

It was a wonderful partnership with the Firefighters and a great success,

as we served 200 meals and sold out in under half an hour.

Thanks for your support!

Happy Anniversary to:

September 3-Rev. Takouhi and Gary

September 18-Harry and Charalee Smith

Birthday blessings to:

August 28- Marg Ross (hope it was a good one!)

September 10- Ella Price – 11 years old

September 11- Aiden Leggett

Please keep Ab Emmons and Jansje Keates in your thoughts and prayers, as both are in hospital in Kingston.