2020-09-08 EUC Reopening COVID 19 Protocol/Guidelines

Elgin United Church

Re-Opening Considerations

COVID-19 Protocol


  • EUCC will follow all applicable Lanark, Leeds, Grenville Health Unit directives and recommendations to the greatest extent possible;
  • Maximum attendance is 30% of capacity;
    • Sanctuary allows 25-30 attendees depending on personal bubbles;
    • Fellowship and Centennial Rooms have NOT been included or mapped;
  • As the number of congregants allowed in the building must be controlled, we will require advance notice by phone or e-mail from those wishing to attend.
  • Physical Distancing (6 feet) must be respected;
  • Coffee time will NOT take place;
  • Pews have been marked for seating;
  • Floors are marked for direction;
  • Internal/external signage in place;
  • Masks must be worn inside the building at all times;
    • Exception: worship leader while speaking at pulpit;
  • Hand sanitize upon entry, exit and use of washroom;
  • If Sanctuary only used once per week, NO NEED to sanitize;
  • As attendees sanitize on entry, hymnals and other booklets need NOT be removed;
  • Name, address and contact information must be recorded upon entry;


  1. The main entrance door will have signs posted specifying;
  • Do not enter if you have recent symptoms of fever, cough, or feeling unwell
  • Do not enter if you have recently tested positive for Covid 19, or have travelled outside the province within the last two weeks
  • Masks must be worn at all times in the building
  • Respect social distancing and follow directional arrows as posted
  1. In the narthex (anteroom), a table will be set up immediately to the left with hand sanitizer and a sign in book where all attendees must record their name, address, and contact information (phone number or e-mail). A receptionist seated in the far corner will welcome them, ensure they have no recent symptoms, and review guidelines with them. Only one person (or family group) will be allowed in the narthex at one time
  2. Worshippers will enter the sanctuary via the door on the right, which will have an entrance sign posted on it. An usher will greet the attendees in the sanctuary and direct them to an available seat. Seating locations have been marked in the pews to ensure social distancing, and worshippers must follow the directional arrows on the floor when entering or exiting the pews. (counter clockwise flow through the sanctuary)
  3. Anyone with mobility issues will be assisted by the greeters to use the accessible entrance thought the Earl Room at the front of the sanctuary for entry and exit, and will be seated in the designated area closest to that door.
  4. Offering plates will not be passed around for the gathering of the offering. Instead, the offering plates will be positioned near the entry/exit doors so that worshippers may leave their offering either upon arrival or departure.
  5. The music director may use either the piano or organ at the front of the sanctuary, but no congregational singing or choir is permitted at this time. The worship leader may remove his/her mask when in the pulpit, but no other speakers or readers may enter the pulpit area. No woodwind instruments are to be used, but a single stringed instrument could be played by a musician located to the left of the altar table.
  6. If a worshipper requires washroom use, they will be guided by the sanctuary usher to the washroom in the Centennial room. There will be disinfectant wipes and gloves available for the usher to wipe and disinfect high touch surfaces after use (door handles, sink taps and handles, toilet handle and seat)
  7. During the service, all interior doors of the sanctuary will remain closed, and use of the cloakroom will not be allowed.
  8. Upon completion of the service, the usher will direct the exit of congregants, beginning with those seated in the southwest area of the church, and proceeding in an orderly fashion around to the northwest pews. The exit path is marked with directional arrows on the floor which will guide the attendees through the sanctuary door into the Centennial Room and then immediately out through the Fellowship Room and coat area to the door into the narthex This door will be clearly marked with an exit sign.


  • Reception table in entry foyer, including;
    • Hand sanitizer;
    • Log Book;
    • Masks if attendee does not have one (Attendee will retain mask)
  • Signage on entrance and exit doors
  • Offering plates at entrance and exit tables


  • Each service will require:
    • One receptionist;
    • One usher in Sanctuary;
    • One assistant/back-up to help monitor and assist as needed


  • Receptionist will:
    • Ensure person hand sanitizes;
    • Ensures person has or picks up a mask and wears it;
    • Records date, name, address, contact information and bubble if appropriate;
    • Keep a running tally of attendees, ensure compliance with prescribed capacity
    • Leave material at desk when completed.
  • Usher/Assistant:
    • Help attendees locate seat;
    • Assist those with mobility issues;
    • Ensure physical distancing is respected;
    • Direct attendees requiring washrooms;
    • Sanitize washroom touch points: door handles, taps, flush lever, toilet seat

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