2020-09-08 PUC Protocols for Reopening

Protocols for Reopening Portland United Church

Personal Conduct

  1. If anyone has tested positive for COVID-19 or are feeling unwell, they should not attend the service. Welcome to return when well.
  2. Everyone entering the church must sanitize their hands at the sanitizing station provided outside the door before entering the Fellowship Hall.
  3. Everyone entering the church must leave 6 feet between themselves and others entering the church if there is a lineup to get into the Friendship Hall or Church
  4. Everyone must wear a mask.
  5. All personal belongings(coats etc ) will remain with the individuals throughout the service


  1. Entry will only be through the door to the Friendship Hall.
  2. Once the maximum number of attendees has been reached, no additional worshipers will be allowed to enter the church sanctuary. We do also have the ability to use the choir loft and Friendship hall for overflow as broadcasting is available within building.
  3. Ontario mandates a maximum of 30 % of capacity.
  4. Alternate pews will be used, as indicated on the to scale drawing, with those not to be used marked off and there will be some kind of indication (as well as guidance) as to seating spaces so that 6’ distance is maintained between persons not in same house hold.
  5. All hymn books bibles etc will be removed from the pews to reduce potential surface conduct transmission
  6. Individuals will be asked to sanitize the indicated washroom surfaces after use
  7. Covid-19 precaution signage will be posted.

Tracking Preparation

  1. A PUC member will check off a list of those attending, either on a laptop or paper list. Most of this will be done with a pre developed list where regular attendees will be checked off. All individuals attending that are not on the original list must provide contact info prior to entry. The list of names will be stored at the church the required length of time (for ease maybe 4 Sundays would work).


  1. Within the church, there will be no choir and no singing. Piano or Organ playing will be permitted. Soloists might be possible, if no one else seated in the choir pews, and if they stand (with mic) well up back, not down in front of the communion table.
  2. The minister will have a personal mic to minimize the need for using a loud voice and all communication from the minister will be from the pulpit.
  3. Other Mics may be used – one for scripture reading, and one for announcements. These would be from stations set to the side and not from the pulpit which will be the leaders personal space.
  4. There will be no communion allowed at any of the services until further notice.
  5. There will be no collection of offering by hand passing the plate. A donation plate will be placed near the fellowship hall and attendees shall drop their offerings in the plate on the way out of the service.
  6. Announcements will be made by one person. All announcements should be provided to this individual prior to the service.
  7. There will be no refreshments or food after the service.
  8. If people need to leave before the end of the service or to go to the washroom they may exit thru the Friendship room (as usual).
  9. At the end of the service, everyone will file out through the Friendship Room in an orderly fashion maintaining a 6 foot distance between people.  They will exit directly to the parking lot or lawn area, keeping the sidewalk clear and if there is any discussion outside the church, groups should be limited to 10 people or less and social distancing shall be observed.
  10. There will be no interaction with the minister at the end of the service, or any group discussion in the Friendship Hall. Or the back door
  11. No greeting with handshakes or hugs but someone may be in the Friendship Room verbally (safe distance) welcoming people. An “usher“may be required to help with seating locations.


27. Sanitizer will be available at the entry,

28. Sanitizer will be available for anyone using the washroom (as well as soap and water).

29. Individuals will be asked to sanitize the indicated washroom surfaces after use.

30. The Sanctuary will probably not be used during the week but the washroom, as well as door handles, railings, other “touchable” areas in the Friendship Room                   should be sanitized after the service to prepare for any meetings during the week and for the safety of the Secretary.

PUC COVID Seating Plan Draft 20 Aug 2020