2020-10-18 EUC Community Check In

As part of our outreach at EUC, we have supported a child in the Philippines for several years through World Vision. Our Sunday School students have enjoyed sending art and letters to Zyra Joy, and receiving her updates and pictures in return.

As much as we have all experienced losses and isolation during the current pandemic, the marginalized and poor have suffered disproportionately. This is especially true in third world countries with limited infrastructure, over population, and a high rate of poverty with little government support. The pandemic response in the Philippines has been labelled “A Tragedy of Errors” with a lack of testing and access to medical care, reports of brutality and human rights violations, and an impoverished population descending into hunger.

Even though our building is closed, Jesus calls us to continue to be the church in this world and to support and serve ‘the least of these’. I am overjoyed to report that even though we only had one week of our Jesse Tree fundraiser before we entered lockdown in March, we raised enough money to support Zyra Joy for the upcoming year!

Thank you for your generosity, and well done you good and faithful servants.

Zyra Joys Update


Lives in: Sorsogon community in Philippines

Birthday: 2007-12-22

Age: 12

Language: We speak Bicol at home

Favourite Subject: National Language

Health status: good

Lives with: I live with my parents

Participation update: I was taught about children’s rights and how kids can protect themselves if they are not respected

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