2020-21-11 EPPC Weekly e-News

Plans are underway for a short newsletter to highlight the Advent Season at Elgin and Portland Churches. 

If you have any information you wish to include, please submit it via e-mail to Annette Clarke (office@eppc-ucc.com)


We realize that this is an extremely short turn-around, however Advent is almost upon us and,

due to COVID, we cannot deliver them in person; they will have to be mailed. 

Please help by ensuring your submission arrives in our “in-box” in time to include it.


Advent Update – Portland United Church

Portland United Church will be holding a virtual service this Sunday (Nov. 22) at 9:15 AM in the sanctuary.

Next week, the first week of Advent (Nov. 29), Rev. Kathy Walton will be leading a live in person service at 9:15 AM.

That service will be live streamed on FaceBook for those who wish to join us from home

and will be available for viewing later in the week on a link that will be provided on the EPPC FaceBook site.

The worship service will include communion, and everyone is encouraged to bring a fruit drink and cracker

so that they can join the communion celebration from their seat.

There will be no passing of fruit drinks or crackers among the congregation in keeping with COVID-19 protocols.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Hansen Downer hansen.downer@gmail.com cell   613-799-3440


Advent Update – Elgin United Church

Our building will be open for the four Sundays of Advent: November 29, December 6, 13 & 20.

There will not be a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day service.

Register your intention to attend with Clinton Halladay, 613-359-5607 or clint.sharon@halladay.ca

in order to ensure we know the number of worshippers and have the required records for contact tracing.

Rev. Kathleen Walton will be leading Worship and we are planning special music.

November 29th is Communion Sunday and due to COVID-19 restrictions you are asked to bring your own elements.

All provincial and local health unit protocols are in place.


Elgin United Church

Breaking News!

Elgin United Church is having an online auction.

Our intent is to showcase businesses, artists and entrepreneurs that make up and support our community.

Proceeds are being shared with the Elgin Food Bank and the Toy Drive.

We are aiming to be up and running for December 2nd through December 9th.

Details will appear on the EPPC website www.eppc-ucc.ca and the Elgin United Church Facebook page:

https://www.facebook.com/Elgin-United-Church-109693414292066 .

Stay tuned.  Community Committed – Community Strong!




This annual event is one of the major sources of revenue and donations for the Elgin Foodbank every year.

As always, it will be held in the parking lot of Gordaniers store in Elgin, and your support is vital and appreciated.

How can you help?

              • Drop by with donations of food or monetary support that day
              • Donate via the Elgin Portland Pastoral Charge website under “Foodbank”
              • Volunteers are needed that day.
              • If you can help even for a short time, please contact Sue Crump or Kathy Mallen at 613-359-6118



This year the Build a Mountain of Food for the Portland Food Bank

will be held on Saturday, December 5, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon in front of the Royal Bank in Portland.

Currently the Portland Food Bank assists between 16 to 18 families (approximately 42 adults and 10 children) on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month as well as providing Christmas hampers.

Our numbers may be slightly down in terms of the number of families, but we have noticed that the number of adults per household is greater than before because of families consolidating under the same roof.

On a personal note, Cheryl Stoddard, who was the Manager of the Portland Food Bank, officially retired last May after several years of running the Food Bank.  Cheryl has left a great legacy and we would like to continue it.

Your current volunteers at the Portland Food Bank are:  Louise Martin (Manager), Norma Cummings & Joan Kelly (Portland United Church) Bruce Boles (Portland) Céline Péladeau (Chaffey’s Lock) and the assistance of the Portland United Church Members who always step in every time we need additional help.

Volunteers at the Food Bank are asking for your support and generosity to make this campaign a huge success:

spread the word, come, and visit us in Front of the Royal Bank, and donate food or money. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Norma Cummings (613-359-0151) or Louise Martin (613-359-5397).

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on December 5th, 2020.

Louise Martin, Manager

Portland Food Bank, Tel.:  613-359-5397



Every year Elgin United has a tradition of filling ‘goody bags’ to be included with the Christmas Hampers that the Foodbank distributes.

The hampers ensure that individuals and families in need will be able to experience a delicious and nutritious Christmas dinner,

while the ‘goody bags’ ensure that there will be some extra special treats to bring smiles and joy.

These hampers are so essential for those who would not be able to afford a Christmas meal or special treats without our help.

This year, when so many have experienced job loss and financial and emotional strain, our support is needed more than ever.

If you would like to donate to the cost of the treat bags, you may drop a cheque in the offering plate when you are at church,

and please mark on the memo line: Goody bags.  

If you won’t be attending church, you can still donate on the EPPC website to the EUC general fund and again specify Goody bags in the message area.

We will be putting the bags together on Saturday, December 12, and delivering them to Bethel Church on Sunday, December 13 right after our church service.

If you plan on attending that day, it would be a great help if you could pick up a few bags on your way out of church and drop them at Bethel on your way home.

Our many hands working together can make a difference and bring smiles to many faces this Christmas. Thank you! 

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