2021-16-01 EPPC Weekly E-news

Due to COVID restrictions, the church’s outside doors will remain locked to visitors.


As of 12:01 this morning Jan 14 2021 new Ontario stay at home rules came
into play.  Annette will be working in the office/home for the duration of these “stay at home rules”.

 There are some pretty fair fines in place if we are in violation, up to $100,000 for an employer.

So this is to let you know as Treasurer and Payroll Officer for
Elgin-Portland Pastoral Charge if you decide to violate these rules and
get caught that Elgin-Portland Pastoral Charge will NOT be paying your fines.

Ted Brett – Treasurer


2020 Annual Report

Preparation has begun for the 2020 Annual Report.

Some committee reports have already been submitted. If you are someone who has not yet submitted a report, please do so no later than Wednesday, January 27, 2021. 

If you were a Chair of a Committee for 2020 you are required to submit your report even though you may have recently resigned.

Reports should  be e-mailed to Annette Clarke at acsept2953@gmail.com .

If you would rather submit your report by paper, please drop it into the mailbox in the vestibule of the parking lot entrance of Portland United Church.

In the past you have been given several alternative services to view in the comfort of your home through the EPPC News.  Please go into the links that were provided to you in the past.  Here are some of them for your enjoyment.  If you have been watching a link from another church and would like for me to include in the next e-news please forward it to me at  acsept2953@gmail.com .


A later service – 11 a.m. at Bethel UC Rideau Ferry



Annette Clarke – Secretary


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