2021-13-02 EPPC Weekly E-News


Although Kingston is now considered a Green Status area by the Provincial Government, the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville are not in that category yet and the church will remain closed for worship through March 7.  Your PUC Council will meet again on March 3 to review plans for reopening after the Provincial Government issues their revised guidelines later this month.  Western Leeds Grenville currently has only one active case, so keep up the good work everyone.  If everything works out as we hope, we may be able to have a video service in the church on March 14 and a live service with Rev. Kathy Walton on March 21, so keep your fingers crossed.

In the interim, we would recommend the following four options for viewing a service in the safety of your home:

  • Wesley United Church in Newfoundland – service should start at 9:30 a.m. our time.  Scroll down for live service link box in the middle of the page


  • A later service – 11 a.m. at Bethel UC Rideau Ferry


  • Bracebridge United Church, Bracebridge, ON


  • John’s United Church, Kemptville, ON



February 13,2021


Belated best wishes and birthday greetings to Peter Potter, who celebrated his 86th birthday on February 9. Your church family sends you our love and blessings, Peter.

Our dear Mary Carbino will celebrate her 80th birthday on February 26th.   I know she would welcome greetings and best wishes from her friends at EUC on such a milestone occasion!

Recommended reading

As we work together to discern the future for our community of faith, we wrestle with the question of what church means, and what our purpose and role is in our communities. These questions were addressed in a thought provoking and inspiring article in the March issue of Broadview magazine, titled “From Decline to Discipleship” (pg. 12). For those who do not receive Broadview, the article may be accessed at:


Thanks to Marg Ross for recommending this article to EUC council.

Devotional Thought – February 13, 2021

I started out this week a little in the dumps. I could barely move out of my own way as they say. I wasn’t going anywhere. So instead, I laid the couch, feeling a bit sorry for myself, wishing this COVID thing would get over and that life would change.

This feeling lasted for a few days. And then I was prompted to take a walk outside. This was almost more than I could think about – I was afraid to slip, what if I fall and hurt my leg, would I be further impaired in the healing process of
recovering after knee surgery, and on and on the excuses continued in my head.  But the prompting persisted. So finally, I donned my winter outerwear and headed outside. To my surprise there were other people out there on this cold day. A number of people living in my same building were also out walking.  And my neighbour, cleaning out his chicken coop. We enjoyed a wonderful chat. And before long, all my doldrum feelings had dissipated and the walk turned into a beautiful encounter.

As I returned home, with my spirits uplifted, I recognized afresh that God, who loves me, also supplies all my needs. I needed a change of scenery and God needed me to listen to His still small voice.  On that day, I was blessed and in return I was able to bless another. And I am reminded that God can use me, just as I am, so long as I am willing to be used.

Proverbs 3:6 from the New Living Translation says it clearly: “Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.”

May this week prompt you to let Him continue to be your guide and strength.

Blessings to each of you.

Liz Church

Pastoral Care

Saturday, February 13, 2021 at 6:30 PM EST

Join us for Worshiplude 2021! An evening full of games, Kahoot, music,​ and more! We will be having a Kahoot tournament so grab your friends and create a team!

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