2021-10-04 Weekly E-News

Elgin Portland United Church

As a result of the province wide lockdown, Elgin and Portland United Church will remain closed for church services and meetings for the balance of April.  Your PUC Council will review the opportunity to reopen the church for Sunday services when the lockdown ends.

We would recommend the following four options for viewing a service in the safety of your home:

  • Rideau Pastoral Charge Service


  • Wesley United Church in Newfoundland – service should start at 9:30 a.m. our time.  Scroll down for live service link box in the middle of the page


  • A later service – 11 a.m. at Bethel UC Rideau Ferry


  • Bracebridge United Church, Bracebridge, ON


  • John’s United Church, Kemptville, ON



Treasurer Elgin Portland Pastoral Charge

By the time we are finished this month of lock down it will be almost 14 months since we basically were ordered out of the churches for the first lock down. We had the second lock down, stay at home order starting Boxing Day and now we are on our 3rd lock down until the 24th of April. This time we are only allowed 15% attendance if we did open. With the size of our churches that is not very many.

During that time, a lot of people in the church have been very busy. The property managers for both churches, the 3 treasurers, our secretary has been keeping busy. Both council chairs have been trying to keep people informed and running regular council meetings via zoom. Newsletters have been sent out from both churches to keep people informed.

During that time, we did try to open the churches. Portland had more luck than Elgin as they were able to live stream services from other churches. In Elgin, our internet wasn’t good enough to even download a hymn never mind a complete service. That problem has been remedied as we have upgraded the internet service to the new fiber offered by WTC.  Portland will get the same upgrade sometime this summer.  Both churches did manage two services in December and Portland did Christmas Eve when the Province ordered the stay-at-home order.  Our biggest setbacks where when we did schedule Sunday services and sometimes through no fault of our own, they got cancelled.

The people I would really like to thank are the people that just kept on paying their PAR every month and the people that sent in money via e-transfer, Canada Helps, or a cheque left with either treasurer.  We had a few fund raisers in both churches that helped also.

The questions come up what we need money for when we are not open. We have employees to pay. Until the end of October we had two, now we are down to one. The insurance, heat and hydro still need to be kept on and paid. With our old buildings they would deteriorate even quicker without heat. Last year I applied for and got just over $25,000 in wage subsidies through the CRA which helped.  I am still applying but we are not getting that much but every dollar helps.

The day will come in the not too distance I hope that we can safely get both churches open and stay open.  That I, and a few others are looking forward to.  Just hang in there until that happens. Both churches need to have an AGM before the end of June by what method we do not know at the moment, it could be in person, via zoom in combination with telephone etc.  that would be a good time if you have questions to ask. You can contact any council member at any time to ask questions.

Stay safe and get your vaccination as soon as you can.

Treasurer Elgin Portland Pastoral Charge

Secretary Annette Clarke

I have decided with the new lockdown I would feel more comfortable working from home.  I can be reached at office@eppc-ucc.com or acsept2953@gmail.com.  I will drop into the office to check for messages and pick up the mail from the post office on Wednesday and Thursday.  I am able to access the office emails as well as the website from home.


ELGIN:  It is time to renew our subscriptions to the Broadview magazine.  If you wish to renew please let me know as soon as possible by email or phone.  Price is the same, $25.00.

In order to keep the price the same the number of issues has been reduced from 10 to 8 issues.  For us to be eligible for the group rate, which is 55% less than the newsstand price, we must have more than 5 subscribers. Please contact me as soon as possible.

Sandra Smith, at slsmith5713@gmail.com or 613-359-5713.

Thank you

Sandra Smith

PORTLAND:  It is time to renew our subscriptions to the Broadview magazine.  If you wish to renew please let me know as soon as possible by email or phone.  Price is the same, $25.00.

Although we only currently have 4 subscriptions to renew so our cost may increase.  For us to be eligible for the group rate, which is 55% less than the newsstand price, we must have more than 5 subscribers.  Please contact me as soon as possible.

Connie Cochran, at connie.cochran@bell.net or 613-272-6747.

Thank you

Connie Cochran

Devotional Thought – April 10, 2021

This week I had the privilege of attending (through Zoom) a Bible Study. We are exploring the Book of Mark as seen from an ecological perspective and how this impacts our Christian life and witness. Without being too complicated in this short devotional I can tell you that as long as I live on this earth I will never stop being amazed at the education and spiritual guidance that we have in the written Word of God.

We were directed to look at Mark 1: 1-11. Within these few verses we discovered so much – natural landscapes, rivers, people. We took note of things such as John’s clothing and his diet. We noticed that people came from the urban settings into the rural setting to search for something to fulfill their need. They searched for peace, cleansing, fellowship, community.

And I was reminded of this part of God’s vineyard. People from all over come to this area to partake in its natural beauty, in its provision of peace, tranquility. God has provided a haven for them. And we are part of that community.

As a new season rises before us, we will have so many opportunities to present to those around us the wonder of God – as we share with family and friends; as we sit on our porches in those tranquil moments afforded us, watching the hummingbirds, the orioles, the squirrels, the geese, and all those other creatures surrounding us. And those moments when a boat rides by, and people wave, you can say with a calm assurance: This is my Father’s world, and to my listening ears, all nature sings, and round me rings the music of the sphere.

And as you watch your gardens grow, and new life sprout up and fledgling birds take flight may you never forget, in the midst of all this GOD LOVES YOU.

Start out this new spring season with an overflowing, grateful heart that the God who made all this holds you so close and offers to you his comforting presence in all that you do.

In Christian love,

Liz Church (Pastoral Care Coordinator)

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