2021-15-05 Weekly E-News

Annual Congregational Meeting – Please plan to attend

The PUC Council has set Sunday, June 6 at 1 PM as the date and time for the Annual Congregational Meeting.  We need to announce that in church for 2 weeks prior to the meeting, but since we may not be able to have church services prior to that date, it will be included in the weekly news update emails.  An email with the appropriate Zoom information will be sent to all church members this week and for 2 more weeks to ensure that everyone is aware.  In addition to access to the audio and video using Zoom, telephone connections will also be supported.

Thank you to Katy Gibson for agreeing to be the Chair of the PUC Benevolent Committee.  That committee will be receiving donations and providing distributions to needy families in the area while our search for a new minister continues.  If you know of someone in the area, whether a church member or not, who needs financial assistance during today’s difficult times, please contact the Church Office.

In the United Counties of Lanark, Leeds & Grenville, we have seen active cases drop from 62 last week to 40 this week and active cases in ULGC West (our region) decreased from 9 to 6.  Please be diligent wearing masks and social distancing and get your vaccine as soon as possible.

We would recommend the following four options for viewing a service in the safety of your home:

  • Wesley United Church in Newfoundland – service should start at 9:30 a.m. our time.  Scroll down for live service link box in the middle of the page


  • A later service – 11 a.m. at Bethel UC Rideau Ferry


  • Bracebridge United Church, Bracebridge, ON


  • John’s United Church, Kemptville, ON


The Profile Committee is happy to report that a draft copy of our Community of Faith storey was submitted to the OB three weeks ago.  We are waiting feedback before submitting our final report.
Jane P.

Devotional Thought – May 15, 2021

It’s finally come. I’ve been waiting for what seems like months. And then I hear it – that beautiful sound. The Baltimore Orioles have returned. Every year they come and visit me on my balcony. Of course, I have something to offer them. Those juicy oranges cut in halves are just what they need to gain strength from their long journey.

As I thought about these creatures, I am reminded of a story told us in the Bible – the Prodigal Son. I can just imagine – each day the father wakes up, listening for the return of his son. And each day he climbs back in to bed and prays – Dear Lord, make tomorrow the end of my waiting.

The similarities do not end there. I am never sure whether they will return to my balcony or find another place better suited for them. I wait in anticipation for that first warble, jump out of bed and spend the next hour marveling over their return. Imagine when the father, looking out his window, sees his son – a long way off. He runs out, and the tears begin to stream down his cheeks. ‘My son has returned home!’

I can only begin to whet your appetite but I encourage you open your Scriptures to Luke 15: 11-32 and read afresh this powerful, moving parable. I have put myself into this scripture too many times to count. Not always am I the prodigal. Sometimes I am the other son. And that is not a pretty picture and quite another devotional talk!

For today, I focus on the Welcome. With tears running down my cheeks I come to the Father and cry: “I am not worthy to be called your daughter.” And as I stand in His presence, He rushes to me and whispers “Welcome Home”! Never be afraid my dear friends, He is always there.

And the next time your feathered friends come to see you just say: ‘Welcome, I’ve been waiting for you. You’ve made my day!’

Grace and peace to each of you. In Christian love,

Liz Church (Pastoral Care Coordinator)