2021-31-07 Weekly E-News

Official Board

OB update re voting for joint congregational meeting Aug. 22nd in Elgin – THERE WILL BE A MOTION PUT FORWARD BY OB AT THE START OF THE MEETING ALLOWING ADHERENTS TO VOTE.

Cam McKay

Official Board


Elgin United Church

Your Elgin United Church Council held a most productive meeting on Tuesday, July 27th, by Zoom of course. Much important and exciting business was conducted so please check in with the draft minutes which will soon be posted on the EPPC website: www.eppc-ucc.com . In addition to the minutes we will be corresponding with through our email and Canada Post contact lists with further information. Stay tuned!

You will recall at our annual meeting we created two new Corresponding Member positions of council to further facilitate interaction between you and council.  Andrea Thompson was nominated and accepted at the meeting, and I am pleased to inform you that council has accepted and approved the nomination of Cathy Ryan for the vacant Corresponding Member position.  On behalf of you and your council, I welcome both Andrea and Cathy to this important service at Elgin United.

I am also pleased to confirm, that as with our sister church at Portland, Elgin United will be holding in-person service each Sunday, observing the COVID protocols of the day.  This Sunday, August 1st, in addition to the leadership of Rev. Kathy Walton, we welcome Victoria Wright and Elgin Choir members Morgan Wright and Graham Lowe as they share Horatio Spafford’s, “It is Well” for the Ministry of Music.  Please join us.

Elgin United Church: “Community Committed; Community Strong”.

Respectfully with prayerful reflection,

Clinton Halladay

Chair, EUCC

August 22nd 2021 Joint Service Elgin/Portland United Churches and final Profile recommendations.

Just like everything else that is happening lately the joint service will happen on August 22nd. What may change is the location. If we don’t go to Stage 4 of the “Path to Reopening” for Ontario we may not have enough room for social distancing at Elgin United Church.

The Elgin Lion’s Hall has been reserved just in case that happens and it can hold 70 people with social distancing in place.

Keep an eye on the e-news and the church bulletin when the final decision is made and that has to be two Sundays before the service.

Ted Treasurer , Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge

Portland United Church

The 23 people in attendance at Portland United Church on Sunday, July 18 were treated to a wonderful service from Licensed Lay Worship Leader Normal Wrighty. The August 1 service will be led by Rev. Kathy Walton as will the service on August 15.

This week, we were again blessed with in person music from a tremendous local musician, Morgan Wright. Morgan is a great addition to our in-person service and hopefully will be joining us weekly for the foreseeable future. We will have a congregation vote on that at the conclusion of the August 1 service.

We have added additional audio capabilities in the Friendship Room next to the sanctuary and downstairs so that we should be able to accommodate at least another 25 above our 30–35-person capacity in the sanctuary. We hope to see a larger congregation on this Civic Holiday weekend.

Unfortunately, the low speed of our internet connection in the church will not support livestreaming our services. We are working with WTC to upgrade our capabilities in the September timeframe and will consider reintroducing livestreaming of our services at that time.

The Profile Committee recommendation has been reviewed by the Portland and Elgin Councils and has been approved by the Official Board. You should have received a copy of the full report including the recommendation and the backup details that led to that recommendation. You are encouraged to spend the necessary amount of time to read the documentation and determine if you agree or disagree with the recommendation.

A joint EPPC review of the Profile Committee report is tentatively set for August 22 in the Elgin United Church (Elgin Lions Club Hall is the backup if COVID restrictions are not eased since COVID capacity at Elgin United Church is 30). The review will be preceded by a worship service. You should be present to vote, so please allocate time in your calendar to join us on August 22 at 10 AM for the church service and 11 AM for the Profile Committee Review. We will have a motion at the start of the meeting to allow adherents to vote as well as full members.

Your vote will help set the foundation for our congregation for years to come. We had 50 people from Portland complete the Profile Committee Survey and we hope to see a similar number of members at the August 22 review.

Cemetery Committee

Our 2-person cemetery committee is about to repaint the fence posts in the cemetery and they are asking for volunteers to help with the painting. If you would like to join, please contact Blaine Tackaberry at b_tackaberry@sympatico.ca or leave a message with the church office.

As noted, we only have 2 people on our cemetery committee (Blaine Tackaberry & Bruce Haskin) and we need a few more volunteers to assist with the maintenance of the cemetery. Most of the work is in the spring and fall for cleanup. If you are willing to help, please contact the church office.

Hansen Downer

Chair, PUCC


Devotional Thought – July 31, 2021

There is no doubt that each of us have experienced changes in our lives. And this year, as we slowly return to in-person church services, we will recognize that some changes will be painful, some will be gratifying, some will bring laughter and others will bring tears. As you come into church, you realize the seat next to you will no longer have your best friend there – he has his new home, in Heaven. The little baby that was baptized just before the church closing, is running around, making sure everyone sees (and hears) her. Numerous choir members have decided that 40 years in the church choir allows them the privilege to sit in the congregation and enjoy the ministry of music provided. And, will you look at that – we have new members!

We all recognize that change is a part of life. I recently had a visit to an ENT specialist. I’m having trouble with a perforation in my left ear, so my hearing is affected. My doctor does a hearing test. And then says to me – well, Liz, most of what is happening can be expected as you age! Can you imagine that – telling me I’m getting old!

“…. Change and decay in all around I see, help of the helpless, O abide with me!” Brings new meaning to our well-loved hymn, doesn’t it?

Philosophically speaking, The Road of Life, is travelled by all! And sometimes the turn up ahead is well marked and we prepare for it. Sometimes, we head into the turn much too fast, and every bit of our being is called on to navigate it. We get news we cannot change, family situations are strained, life circumstances are really tough, and our coping mechanisms are depleted. I’m sure we have all been there, and some of us, are still there, wondering when, or how, or why.

And then, just when you feel you can’t take one more second, God shows up in ways you didn’t expect – a family member visits, a close friend calls, a neighbour moves in. You discover you both like to garden and a new bond forms.

And you are encouraged – that little jolt puts you right into the palm of God’s hand. You feel blessed, and peace is restored. Exodus 15:2 says: “The Lord is my strength, and my song, and He has become my salvation.”

Change is inevitable. And for some, it may seem the bottom is falling out of your world. For others, the changes in your life are beautiful – you are getting married, or having a family, or moving to a new home, or starting a new job. I believe, with all my heart that our trust must be in God. And as the song says: ‘O Thou who changes not, Abide in me.”

Peace and love to each of you,

Liz Church

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge


Please do not forget about the BBQ in Portland and Elgin’s Community Hall (Forfar) this WEEKEND

Portland Community Hall

Image result for BBQ Chicken Word Clip Art

The Portland Hall Board invites you to the annual homemade BBQ chicken dinner on Saturday, 

July 31st at the Portland Community Hall from 4:30 until they are gone.

Take out only following Covid protocols.

Menu:  1/2 chicken, Bob’s macaroni salad, and incredible coleslaw, cake, and beverage $18.00.


The Forfar Community Hall (Elgin Lion’s Hall)



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