2021-08-08 Weekly E-News


Official Board

OB update re voting for joint congregational meeting Aug. 22nd in Elgin – THERE WILL BE A MOTION PUT FORWARD BY OB AT THE START OF THE MEETING ALLOWING ADHERENTS TO VOTE.

Cam McKay

Official Board


August 22nd 2021  Joint Service Elgin/Portland United Churches and final Profile recommendations.

Just like everything else that is happening lately the joint service will happen at 10 am on August 22nd.
What may change is the location.

If we don’t go to Stage 4   of the “Path to Reopening” for Ontario we may not have enough room for social distancing at Elgin United Church to allow for everyone that wants to attend. If we get to the next stage then we can easily hold 100 people at Elgin United Church.

The Elgin Lion’s Hall has been reserved just in case that happens and it can hold up to 70 people with social distancing in place which means 35 people from each church.

Please read all the information you have and especially the recommendation of the profile committee as there seems to various interpretations as to what they mean.

Keep an eye on the e-news and the church bulletin when the final decision is made and that has to be two Sundays before the service.

Treasurer , Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge

Elgin United Church

“Community Committed, Community Strong”

On Sunday, August 8th, Elgin United was thrice blessed. We had a full COVID house, Rev. Kathy Walton’s thoughtful leadership and an inspiring Ministry of Music offered by Morgan Wright, Victoria Wright and Graham Lowe.  We look forward to, and appreciate the opportunity of, our Sunday morning’s sharing of God’s Grace with friends and neighbours, COVID protocols notwithstanding.

Please remember to mark your calendars for the Joint Congregational meeting on August 22nd, COVID permitting.  I urge you to read Ted’s updates, right here in eNews, in order to stay abreast of the latest developments.

Thank you, blessings and be well

Clinton Halladay,

Chair, EUCC

Portland United Church

The 31 people in attendance at Portland United Church on Sunday, August 1st were treated to a wonderful service from Rev. Kathy Walton.  The August 8th service will be led by LLWL Barb Dejeet.

This week, we were again blessed with in person music from a tremendous local musician, Morgan Wright, and his team.  Morgan is a great addition to our in-person service and hopefully will be joining us weekly for the foreseeable future.

We have added additional audio capabilities in the Friendship Room next to the sanctuary and downstairs so that we should be able to accommodate at least another 25 above our 30–35-person capacity in the sanctuary.

Unfortunately, the low speed of our internet connection in the church will not support livestreaming our services.  We are working with WTC to upgrade our capabilities in the September timeframe and will consider reintroducing livestreaming of our services at that time.

The Profile Committee recommendation has been reviewed by the Portland and Elgin Councils and has been approved by the Official Board.  You should have received a copy of the full report including the recommendation and the backup details that led to that recommendation.  You are encouraged to spend the necessary amount of time to read the documentation and determine if you agree or disagree with the recommendation.

A joint EPPC review of the Profile Committee report is tentatively set for August 22 in the Elgin United Church (Elgin Lions Club Hall is the backup if COVID restrictions are not eased since COVID capacity at Elgin United Church is 30).  The review will be preceded by a worship service.  You should be present to vote, so please allocate time in your calendar to join us on August 22 at 10 AM for the church service and 11 AM for the Profile Committee Review.  We will have a motion at the start of the meeting to allow adherents to vote as well as full members.

Your vote will help set the foundation for our congregation for years to come.  We had 50 people from Portland complete the Profile Committee Survey and we hope to see a similar number of members at the August 22 review.

Hansen Downer

Chair, PUUC

Devotional Thought – August 7, 2021

What a beautiful week. I didn’t realize when I agreed to take care of my grandchildren for two weeks, how it would change me. I have learned that it takes much patience to be a grandmother. I had been trying hard to fill in for my daughter. And there are moments when it just isn’t enough.

My 10-year old grandson is autistic. His demands are pretty straightforward. The only issue is I don’t measure up in the understanding of his demands. His language skills are lacking, and my guessing skills leave much to be desired. So there have been moments of tension. But the moments of clarity are sweet. His please and thank you never fail to warm my heart.

As I think on these moments, I am reminded of my Christian service. How many times have I showed frustration over the minor things that bug me? Maybe I’ve put a lot of effort into a project, and it seems to go unnoticed. Those microscopic aspects of my daily Christian living, are they important?

Or do we feel the only way we make a difference is by the ‘Lion’s Den’ experiences. Those huge events when you really saw the power of God at work. I have learned over the years that the acid test for Christianity lies in the small details – the tasks that seem insignificant.

Every day we are given opportunities to show God’s love to the world – tasks that seem too small by themselves, but over time their cumulative effect makes a difference – if not to those around you, you alone are changed. It is not the job that determines its worth or impact. It is the heart of the person, his/her approach to the task at hand.

My challenge this week, for each of us, is to look at those small tasks we are given. Maybe you need to smile at the person who cut into the line at Costco, maybe you have an extra load of laundry, or no one else in the house sees the dishwasher needs to be emptied, maybe your next-door neighbour would love some fresh baked cookies. Can you make this simple task a sacred one? I know you can!

God gave dignity to common work. Jesus came to us in common form, not a scholar or king. He was a carpenter, he was homeless, he lived a simple life. And He did the mundane tasks of life with the spiritual expression of holy living.

The impact of our work cannot be hidden. 2 Corinthians 9:12-13 expresses it clearly when it states that all we do is done for the glory of God.

Peace and love to each of you,

Liz Church

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge

Music in the Park – Sunday, August 22, 2021 2:00 to 4:00 pm.
Heritage Park, Elgin

Morgan Wright and Graham Lowe

All are Welcome No admission Charge
Bring Your Own Chair
Covid Protocols will be in Place
Rain Date: Sunday, August 29, 2021 /2-4 pm.
Sponsored by: Elgin and Area Heritage Society

music in the park aug 22 2021