2021-26-09 Weekly E-News

Portland United Church

This week’s service will be led by Licensed Lay Worship Leader, Barb Dejeet, who provided an outstanding service a few weeks ago.  For the past few weeks, we have had 25-30 people in attendance, so apart from not having the choir, the attendance is very close to pre-pandemic levels.  We have overflow seating in the Fellowship Hall if required and with live music and singing from Morgan Wright, it seems like pre-pandemic services – especially since everyone is singing quietly behind their masks.

We also have members of the congregation reading scriptures just like pre-pandemic.  If you would like to assist with scripture reading, the signup sheet is in the Fellowship Hall, or you can contact Annette at the Church Office.

We will be having communion on Sunday, October 3 – World Communion Sunday.  Rev. Kathy Walton will lead that service.  Please remember to bring your juice box and a cracker to celebrate communion using our approved COVID protocols.

As I have mentioned the last 2 Sundays in church, your PUC Council formed a small committee (Will French, Liz Church, Larry Cochran) to come up with some suggestions on how to increase the size of our congregation.  If you have any suggestions, please contact Will. Liz, or Larry.  One interesting thought that I heard this week was trying to connect with previous members of the Portland Anglican Church to see if they would like to join us on Sunday mornings.  Perhaps we could do the same thing with members at Delta United Church.

We look forward to seeing you in church.

Hansen Downer

Chair PUC Council


Elgin United Church

Dear friends, Saturday afternoon, September 18th, a fire broke out at the apartment building, set back on Main Street Elgin. The apartments are the home of several persons, including supporters and members of our congregation.

Details remain sketchy; however, I understand everyone is safe and damage is due mostly to smoke. Residents were not allowed to return to their apartments with some being taken in by relatives and friends and other transported to accommodation in Gananoque. Work is presently underway at the building.

Such events are extremely traumatizing for those involved and any assistance you can provide will be sincerely appreciated.

We are truly blessed, and thank God we have such a caring community: our fire department for their prompt and professional response, the Lions for the hall for staging of those displaced, our paramedics for oversight and care of the confused and vulnerable, those who provided pizza and nourishment, the bus and driver for transportation and the many other volunteers who unselfishly helped in whatever manner. Thank you everyone.

For those directly impacted by this event, know you are not alone, we are here for you and God’s Grace will uphold you.

Elgin United Church, “Community Committed, Community Strong!”

Clint Halliday

Chair EUC Council


Portland United Church – Apple Pie Sale


Devotional Thought – September 25, 2021

Part of our newsletter this week is a reminder that life situations change very quickly – and we have little control over them. Numerous people in our Elgin community suffered a loss through fire. And while it was mostly from a material needs perspective, it was for them an unexpected loss and therefore, will take courage and faith to recover – and help for us, their church community. Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you who have been affected.

Sometimes, the loss is not so devastating, but it still reminds us that life is fragile. Maybe, it was a fall that took away some of your independence. Or was it a flat tire that caused you concern for your safety and gave you a reminder that you are not quite prepared to be stuck on the side of the road. Maybe it was a call from a family member to say a friend from childhood passed away.

I know the list could be intense and extensive for some. And if you take the time right now to think on it, you would soon recognize that life is indeed fragile. And change is inevitable. How many times have we made plans, as if we know the future, when it is only God who knows. I do it all the time. And I don’t believe it to be irresponsible to do this. Preparation for a journey, study for an exam, a grocery list, a budget for your family. These are all good things.

I just want to remind you, that life is fragile. James 4 asks a question – “What is your life? For you are as a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” In the early morning, as I look over the lake, I watch this phenomenon. And as the mist lifts, so my spirits soar, for I know God has given me another chance to serve Him. Live each day that others will know you are a Christian. Be the best you can be. God asks no more than that!

Peace and love to each of you,

Liz Church

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge



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