2021-10-23 Weekly E-News

EUC Community Check-in- October 23, 2021

A huge thank you to all for your generous donations for World Food Day last Sunday! After church, I was able to deliver 6 bags of groceries and household items to Sue Crump at the Elgin Food Bank. They are most appreciative of these donations and our ongoing support.

Pat Greenhorn


EUC Changes to DIG Donations

Recently Clint and I met virtually with Marci Bruyere, the Coordinator of Health Promotion and Community Development at Country Roads Community Health Centre (CRCHC), to discuss their request to redesignate our DIG donations. Below is her summary of our discussion and the issues involved:

“As you are aware, the need for support still exists and has been heightened by the pandemic. Our centre has seen growth in the last year and a half in the development and provincial lead in a Social Prescribing initiative. Social prescribing is a new spin on an old idea. Providers meet with a client and make a referral to the Social Prescribing Team to navigate and connect a client with the answers to their social need. By providing formal and informal supports for the client and assisting them in navigation of the systems, we are able to assist them in meeting their wellness needs as close to their home community as possible.

In the past, donation dollars were earmarked for one particular group such as DIG (Dental Issues Group). With the development of Social Prescribing, and its lens on all social determinants, we prefer to have some flexibility with the dollars as the needs vary greatly. In regards to oral health, dollars will continue to be used to support those who do not meet the criteria of provincial funds such as income cut offs or age restrictions.

We are extremely appreciative of the ability you have provided us in being able to assist those in our communities during their times of need. There is much comfort for our clients in finding assistance and having a need met within one’s home community. We continue to work towards and advocate for these connections and support our remote rural communities.”

Marci gave us some concrete examples of how Social Prescribing donations have supported the holistic health of low- income residents in our community:

  • Vouchers for parking and gas to support families who must make multiple visits for treatment in hospitals in Kingston or Ottawa
  • Walking poles for a senior who was referred to a walking group to help alleviate health problems
  • Computer support:
    • A large screen monitor for a resident with vision issues
    • educational software for children with learning disabilities

EUC council recently passed a motion changing DIG to ARCH (Aiding Rural Community Health). Currently, donations will be sent to the Social Prescribing Fund at Country Roads Community Health Centre, where the money will be used in the areas of greatest need. In the future, the ARCH fund will allow us flexibility in designating money to community health initiatives and needs as they arise.

If you have any questions about the changes or the ARCH fund, please contact me by e-mail or phone, and thank you for your ongoing support!

Pat Greenhorn-




Portland United Church

Our service on October 24th  will be led by Licensed Lay Worship Leader Charlotte Hoy.  October 31st service will be led by Licensed Lay Worship Leader Norma Wrightly.

Our long-time treasurer, Duncan Pickard, is planning to retire as treasurer for Portland United Church at the end of December.  This is a really critical position for the Church and if you would like to volunteer or you know of someone who would like to volunteer as treasurer, please let either Annette in the Church office or I (hansen.downer@gmail.com) know.  Thanks to Duncan from all the church community for your incredibly insightful and valuable service over the years – you will be missed, but we look forward to seeing you in Church each Sunday.

Thanks to Norma Cummings for arranging all the Licensed Lay Worship Leaders and ministers for our Sunday Services.  Norma is now planning for  Christmas and we are suggesting a 4 PM Service on Christmas Eve with Rev. Kathy Walton, pending agreement from Elgin to worship at 7 PM.  There will be a joint service on Sunday, December 26 with the worship leader to be determined.

Hansen Downer

Chair, PUC Council


Portland Food Bank

If you have a few hours to spare each month and would like to help at the Portland Food Bank, we can certainly use your help.  The Food Bank operates twice a month (First and Third Tuesday from 10 a.m. to Noon).  Should you be interested in helping or have any questions, do not hesitate to call Louise Martin at 613-359-5397.  I also encourage you to visit our updated website at:    eppc-ucc.com/Portland-Food-Bank/

In addition a big thank you to every one for the food and cash donations received at last week World Food Day Sunday Service.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Louise Martin


Portland Food Bank


Prayer Request

One of our newest members, Min Min, has asked us to pray for Catherine Morgan. Catherine is a close friend of Min’s. She was just given the news that she has pancreatic cancer. We would want Min, her friend and their families to know we are praying for them.

Thank you to each of you. As prayer warriors, we all understand that prayer is key to peace. Blessings to each of you

Liz Church

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge


Devotional Thought – October 23, 2021

How quickly things change. Last week, colours were in full array. Autumn was never more magnificent. And then we had rain. And we visibly saw signs that winter is just around the corner. We no longer have to look up and admire the tree foliage. Instead, we are walking and under our feet is the crunching of fallen leaves, and the myriad of colours kind of tug at us. Knowing that we will soon be preparing for colder weather, we clean out our closets, dig out the winter clothing, see what fits and a new season commences.

We used to sing a song when I was a teenager – “To everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn. And a time for every purpose under heaven.” Many of my friends sang this with gusto, never realizing it came straight from Scripture. You might be surprised to know Pete Seeger wrote this in the late 50’s. And before that, a wise one, King Solomon, in the Book of Ecclesiastes 3 spoke this truth – everything changes, nothing remains the same.

But the real truth, I believe, was Solomon searching for the meaning and purpose of life. There is a deep theology in this line of thinking. Rick Warren wrote in his book ‘The Purpose-Driven Life’, that God has not left us to guess or wonder what our purpose is. Over and over the message for us has always, and will always be that God is able to bring about the best you. He/she is the source of life. There is no second guessing, or changing with the newest opinions of even great teachers. Simply stated, without God, life makes no sense.

There are lots of jokes about us DIY people. And inevitably, the parts left over, sitting on the floor, after we have assembled that bed, or BBQ or shed, bear witness to our stubbornness to try it our own way, failure to read the instructions, or even to follow the pictures we are given! I really feel that many of us try to do this with our spiritual life. We have been given the best tutorial, the best Teacher, a clear set of directions. And yet we still want to do it our own way.

Wow, I can make life pretty complicated. No need to search any further for the answer. My purpose – my God! Now, Liz, (insert your name) get moving and live as you were created. Beloved and beautiful. A vessel to be filled for the glory of God. May Jesus Christ be praised.

Peace and love to each of you,

Liz Church

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge


Elgin United Church

Autumn Market – October 23rd – 10 a.m – 4 p.m.


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