2021-10-30 Weekly E-News

Elgin United Church

Elgin United Church hosted it’s first Fall Craft and Vendor Market on Saturday Oct 23rd and what a glorious day it was as the Sun was shining down on us.

Thank you to those who supported us with some Homemade Baked goods and for those of you who attended and supported the Vendors. It was a huge success.

We estimated approximately 150 people came out that day.  We had a light lunch and sold 56 BBQ hotdogs. Our bake table was empty before we knew it and all Vendors had a very successful day.

Reviews were very positive from both the shoppers and vendors, with all vendors saying they would like to come back.  We are planning on making this an annual event.

Our next huge Event will be our ON-LINE Auction.  Bidding starts November 24th till December 1st.  We are currently looking for donations If you would like to donate or know someone who would please contact Cindy Carbino at carbs308@kingston.net or Maureen Bee at maureen.bee@rideau.net. Follow our Facebook Page “Elgin United Church” for more upcoming details.

Cindy Carbino/Maureen Bee


Portland United Church

This weekend’s Oct. 31 service will be led by Licensed Lay Worship Leader Norma Wrightly who last joined us on July 25 for an excellent service.

The following week, Nov. 9 will be our annual Remembrance Day Service.  Rev. Kathy Walton will lead our communion service which will include:

Names of those who served for King and Country

Reading of “In Flanders Fields”

The Last Post / 1-minute Silence / Reveille

“O Canada”

Please remember to bring a juice box and a cracker for the communion service at your seat.

Hansen Downer

Chair PUC


A recent Sunday I was reminded of why it is so beneficial to have in person services .  Not only is it nice to see people again( albeit masked ), but it was good to hear first hand about the missions and activities that church members are involved in even during Covid –19.  During the Mission and Service presentation we heard how the United Church of Canada is setting up a special mission for those in Haiti.  Through conversations I learnt of  support  for the recent decision to expand PUC’s horizons from the Dental Issues Group to the wider Community Flex Fund.  Connie told me of the UCW activities for the community.  I was also informed of a local BBQ supported by some of our members which raised over $7,000 to help individuals within our area.  In my role as treasurer I continue to see the generous  support for our Portland Food Bank.  PUC is in a position to help aid these and many other missions  because of the time and money given by our congregation which keeps us in a strong financial position . Thank-you for your support during this past period of Covid and as we revitalize the path forward  please remember the importance of a strong community of faith.  Please continue to give generously.  Thank-you.

Duncan Pickard



Devotional Thought – October 30, 2021

Here we are!  Not yet officially near the winter season and I’m already looking for warm thoughts to brighten my day.  And I believe I’ve stumbled upon it – The Almond Tree.

During late winters in Middle Eastern countries, which differ greatly from ours, the countryside is decked with blossoming almond trees – beautiful to see, I am told.

I don’t really know much about the Hebrew language but I enjoy reading where our language originates and the understanding it brings when reading the Old Testament. Did you know the word ‘almond’ (shakeid) actually means ‘watching’? And in the book of Jeremiah, the young prophet listens as God reminds Jeremiah that a nation that refuses to follow the Word of the Lord will stray further and further away. But the lesson does not end there.

We must continue to focus. All is not lost. And the word of reassurance that comes to us is the reminder that God watches over us for good. He sees our struggles, our stumbling. And while it may seem unbearable, reinforcements are there for us. We are not alone. Our understanding of our world is limited to our finite minds. But our God sees all. And when we feel at our lowest or even in our euphoric moments, our God is always there.

And that, my dear friends, is the whole-hearted message of hope for you today. Whether we look at winter in Palestine or early spring in France, the almond blossom warms us with thoughts of encouragement and endless possibilities – new beginnings. And while all around may feel cold and desolate, new life comes to us in abundance. May Jesus Christ be praised!

Peace and love to each of you,

Liz Church

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge

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