2022-03-19 Weekly E-News

Elgin Portland Pastoral Charge would like to welcome;

Rev. Kathy Walton March 20th, 2022 and

Barb DeJeet, LLWL March 27th, 2022

Elgin United Church

John Carley celebrated a birthday Wednesday this week. Happy Birthday John.

Joanne McLean underwent oesophageal surgery in Ottawa, Wednesday. The surgery went well and she returned to Smiths Falls hospital for further tests. She is hoping to return home Friday. Your prayers are appreciated.

Mark  March 26th, from 4:30 – 6:00 pm on your calendars and take-in the take-out dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, dinner roll and choice of apple or pumpkin pie at the Elgin Community Centre for only $15. Brought to you by Elgin United Church and the Rideau Lakes Swans.

The Jesse Tree in support of our World Vision foster child Zyra Joy, can use regular “watering”. Your donation is appreciated. Thank you.

A reminder to stay after church this Sunday for a brief information session with Qs & As.  Sonya Seward and Jessica Bryce will present the vision of the Rideau Lakes Early Learning Centre expansion.  Please stay, hear the plans and pose your questions.

Our Annual Congregational Meeting (ACM) is scheduled for after church March 27th. This is your opportunity to review the reports of our 2021 activities, vote for members of your council, and participate in the planning of our (your) future. This is a vital meeting as we discuss repurposing and repairing our building, our mission and community outreach, and what our vision is moving ahead. Your voice matters, so please attend and participate

Clint Halliday

EUC Chair

ELGIN: It’s that time of year again to renew our subscriptions to the Broadview magazine.  The price has remained the same as last year, $25.00, group rate.  I will be taking orders for new and renewing subscriptions until the end of April but would appreciate hearing from you ASAP.. Thanks for your cooperation. Sandra Smith


Portland United Church

The Portland UCW met on Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at 1:30 p.m.

It was decided that we would resume the monthly Community Luncheons on the 4th Tuesday of each month to raise money for the Country Roads Community Health Centre’s Flex Fund.  This fund replaces the previous Dental Issues Group and is set up to meet the varying needs of our most vulnerable residents.  Flex Funds in the past year have been used for roof and plumbing repairs, to ease the burden of electrical bills, transportation to urban based services, parking while caring for a loved one in hospital, food supports and more.  Please come out and enjoy the fellowship and help this worthwhile cause.  As always, it is a free-will donation.

We have volunteers for the luncheon on April 26th but we need someone to do the luncheon on March 22nd.  If you are interested, please contact Connie Cochran at 613-220-7914 or at portlandparadise55@gmail.com  If we don’t have a volunteer for the March luncheon we will begin in April.

The UCW has made a donation of $500 to the Red Cross for assistance in the Ukraine and two other members have made a similar personal donation.

A Celebration of Life for Helen Smith will be held at Portland United Church on May 28th at 11:00 a.m.

Portland: Annual Congregational Meeting (ACM) is scheduled for after church on, April 3rd.   There will be a lunch following the meeting.  Copies of the Annual Report will be available for you to pick up after service.  If you can deliver a copy to a friend or neighbour, please feel free to do so.

Portland United Church Council

Devotional Thought – March 19, 2022

LENT – 3rd week – ‘Repent and Believe’

Scripture Readings from the Gospels on the Cleansing of the Temple, and Healing the Sick

In preparation for my words to you this week I struggled. Scripture takes us to a time during the ministry of Jesus that showed us a side of Christ we were perhaps not prepared for. Two recurring themes are highlighted. The miraculous healing of many and the cleansing of the temple.

This week, as we continue in the Lenten season, we are reminded that all must repent. For some, the word ‘repent’ bring thoughts of wrong-doing we have done and this in turn can lead us into a darkness and turmoil we do not want. But the true meaning of ‘repent’ means to ‘change our mind, to think differently.’ And that should bring joy, to you, my dear friends. It is simple – we cannot continue as we were. There must be a change, a willingness to go in this new direction, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Thoughts begin to percolate within me, and I am brought to tears. Jesus paid it all. And I want to jump up and shout – ‘I can do it! I can make the change! I can experience His voice as He speaks to me! I can tell others – Jesus Saves!’

When all is said and done, we so complicate our lives. We struggle in our motivation, we turn from God, we question our faith, we wonder if we are really saved, we try to break away and walk our own path, often in misery, fear, failure, and rejection. But during this Easter season I remind you – Christ is worthy of our trust; all things are possible with God. Believe God. He has the perfect plan for you.

As you reflect on the cleansing of the temple, remember that you are the temple. Don’t fill it with garbage. Protect it. Cleanse it with the love of Christ.

God put everything He had into this, your life. There was no cost too great. That perfect plan is His gift to each of us. So ‘REPENT’ (change your mind, think differently) and ‘BELIEVE’ (trust God). Make this the best Easter you’ve ever had as you renew your commitment to walk in the Love of God.

Peace and love to each of you,

Liz Church

Pastoral Care Director

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charg

Dorothy Goubault

This week Dorothy reached out to us to give us some exciting news. Most of you will remember her and Gerald McBride for the years they attended Portland United Church.

This Sunday, Dorothy is being interviewed on Valley Heritage Renfrew Radio. This is a talk show and we can tune in to listen and even call in. Go to Google and bring up Valley Heritage Renfrew. There you will see a button with the word ‘Listen’. Press this and you will hear it live. Check in time is around 12:00. The call-in number for the show is 1-613-432-9873. The show is featuring music by fiddlers, of which Dorothy is one. Time permitting, Dorothy will do a shout-out to the churches in Douglas (the church they belonged to), Cobden, Portland and Gananoque. Dorothy will share her music background, and the reason for the song ‘When will I see you again’. Some here in this congregation have heard her CD called:


When Will I See You Again

Her CD is available. The price is $20.00 and all net proceeds are given to the Ottawa Heart Institute. Ask Liz for further info.

As a caring congregation this will be an opportunity to reach out to her. And some might feel led to contact her. Her number is 613-284-3087.

Thank you for being such an awesome bunch.