2022-07-02 Weekly E News

Elgin United Church
The Rideau Lakes Early Learning Centre hard an appreciation night and tour Thursday, June 23rd, to recognize those, including staff, who have supported and helped their expansion at Elgin United and introduce their renovated space. We, at Elgin United, are excited to be part of this wonderful service to young families in our  community.
EUC has a large quantity of dishes available. Contact Clinton Halladay, 613-359-5607 or clint.sharon@halladay.ca

July 9: Join family and friends and make new friends as you explore the many attractions throughout the village of Elgin at the Elgin Days Christmas in July celebration. Visit a wide selection of booths and kids’ attractions, sing along with live music, enjoy various BBQs for lunch & snacks and a chicken BBQ later in the day. A fun day for all. See you there.

July 10: Experience the fellowship of Christmas in July at 11 am with Elgin United Church. Mark Bee is our Worship Leader.  Morgan Wright and Jaime Burt will lead our songfest and offer their renditions of carols and Christmas music. Join in the celebration, all are welcome.

Elgin United Church Council

Portland United Church

We look forward to Liz Church leading our service this week.

Thank you to everyone that supported the Community Luncheon hosted by the Portland Peelers Handbell Choir. It wasn’t a large turnout but those in attendance were generous. If you are interested in hosting the next luncheon scheduled for July 26, please contact Connie Cochran at portlandparadise55@gmail.com or 613-220-7914.

At the Council meeting on Tuesday evening it was decided that we would resume coffee/tea after our service beginning July 3rd using paper cups to accommodate moving outside for fellowship.

A reminder that some folks still wish to wear a mask and we need to be respectful of their choice.

Portland United Church Council

No admission charge.  Free will offerings accepted.




Mary’s Merry Minstrels

A Fiddlers’ Concert

August 13, 2022 – 7:00 P.M.

 An evening of toe-tapping, sing-along

Portland United Church  

(Doors Open at 6:30)

Portland United Church

10 Colborne Street

Portland, ON, K0G 1V0

No admission charge.  Free will offerings accepted.

Please share this message with your communities of faith, friends, family and community partners.

We’re back for in person day camp in the Ottawa area!!

Camp Dates and Locations:

Week 1: July 11 – 15, 2022 – Bells Corners UC

Week 2: July 18 – 22, 2022 – Barrhaven UC

Week 3: July 25 – 29, 2022 – Emmanuel UC

Week 4: August 2 – 5, 2022* – Online Camp

Week 5: August 8 – 12, – Rideau Park UC

Registration fee: $150/wk including before and after care (8:30am-4:30pm)!!

To register go to www.camp-awesome.ca

We’re hiring staff too!  Check out the website for further information.

If you are interested in learning more about Camp Awesome and possibly hosting one in your community please contact Kristy Drost at campawesomeottawa@gmail.com.

Dana Ducette


Minister, Youth and Young Adults (YAYA)

Eastern Ontario and Outaouais Regional Council 12 (EOOR )

United Church of Canada

Mobile: 613-608-8411

Devotional Thought – July 2, 2022

My thoughts for this week are centered around the rain we’ve been experiencing. As early as last Sunday, the first thoughts came to me. As we readied to leave the Forfar Strawberry Social, the rain was falling steadily. I had made a beeline for my car. But the other ladies with me were safely tucked under a huge umbrella being carried by our very own Will French. Looking through my rearview mirror as they approached, I could see the smiling, laughing faces, seemingly, oblivious to the rain as they huddled together. A spark of jealousy surfaced! Being intent on not getting too wet, I missed that moment of joy and caring that I could see emanating from them. And the words from an old hymn popped into my head: “There shall be showers of blessing”. And for a moment, I was enveloped in that feeling of love we experience as we reach out and share with each other.

Never knowing when the next “Ah-ha!” moment will come, and even though you think we would be used to them by now, I was again caught by surprise. On Wednesday evening, driving to a meeting in Elgin, with the rain coming down, at times, in torrential downpours, I was marvelling at how well my new wiper blades were working. Suddenly, on the horizon, I am startled to see the beginning of a rainbow. Through the rain, I see the clouds dispersing and the multi-coloured ribbons taking shape. Once again, I gape in wonder and adoration as thanks pours from my heart to God.

Bring yourself on this walk with me – geese and their goslings, orioles at your feeder, hummingbirds suspended in mid-air, a myriad of colourful flowers as you stroll down a country lane, and the multitude of vegetables in your own garden. Whether together, or on our own, God opens His heart and pours His love on us. Soak it in and be blessed. And in closing, as you lay down to rest today, think on this children’s song: Hello God, this is your friend again. I’m sorry I can’t stay. It’s been quite a day. I really don’t remember all the good things that You’ve done or all the tasks that You have helped me through. But if I took the time to name them one by one, then I would have to stay the whole night through. So, I will simply say ‘I love You, God’.

Blessings, peace and love to each of you,


Liz Church -Pastoral Care Director

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge