Portland United Church is enjoying streaming Sunday Services live on their YouTube Channel. Whether you are unable to attend in person, want to watch a Sunday service again mid-week or know someone who might want to check us out, simply click on the following address https://www.youtube.com/@portlandunitedchurch4900 to be taken directly to the Portland United Church YouTube Channel.

Most Sundays are reaching double digit viewings and during the Christmas season we were as high as 35 for some services. Even if you’re watching alone at home, know that you’re really not alone as others are also watching-and all of us are wrapped in the togetherness of Jesus’ arms.

Please consider hitting the ‘Subscribe’ button (once you’ve navigated to the YouTube channel) as shown below. Note, only people with a Gmail account can easily subscribe by clicking this button. Clicking on the ‘Profile Picture’ (an example is shown below on the far left) for Portland United Church will provide you with other options such as viewing past recordings. Reach out to the EPPC office with any questions: office@eppc-ucc.com; 613-272-2002.


Thanks, Media Team at Portland United Church