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Thanks, Media Team at Portland United Church

Devotional Thought, April 8, 2023


I really wanted to do a devotional on what Wood Ducks and Christians have in common? Such as versatility, and the fact that once they can fly, they never look back. Can you see the spiritual lesson I’m referring to? Or is that too far-fetched? Or maybe even go farther afield and discover what happened to the ivory-billed woodpecker, who was killed off by soldiers that were demanded to clear the land and thus destroyed their habitat. This could certainly be an apropos spiritual message during the Easter season.

Then, it happened – a change in weather and the crazy, beautiful ice storm we just experienced this week. The loss of power still affecting thousands. Now this is just the train of thought I needed to complete this devotional.

The power is lost. So why did I flick on the light switch even as I sat there in the dark? Why did I crave a cup of coffee at 2:00 in the morning? The loss of power a stark truth that I didn’t fully perceive or forgot how dependent I have become on this luxury. Or realize this was a short, temporary interruption.

I wonder how many of us when we observed the darkening clouds, immediately thought ‘It must have been like this on the day of the crucifixion!’ Maybe no one, except me. Or maybe, many. We have been immersed in this story of the crucifixion and the steps leading up to it for many weeks. And it culminated last evening as we shared the experience of coming to the foot of the Cross and saying, ‘Not my will Father, but Thine be done!’

But before we could comprehend the miracle of Easter, we had to understand the depth of deprivation that would have been experienced by the world had the Power left us that night so long ago, never to return!

For many that day, the sorrow was so great – the One who promised to be their King, their Saviour, was taken away, dead. The source of Power – gone. The darkening sky, a foreboding feeling as they stood their – scarcely able to stop the tears.

Even though Jesus had explained what was happening, they did not see, they did not understand. The Power would return!

This Easter could be for you that new resurgence of God’s power that you require. You too can be renewed, restored. Never doubt this fact – Christ died that you might have life, abundant life.

May you this Easter season and always know the Source of your Power.

Blessing on each of you,


Liz Church

Pastoral Care Director

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge

A New Day Dawning

Be of good cheer, For God is with you.