Portland United Church was able to take advantage of the beautiful April weather we recently experienced and hosted two Drive-In style movies. Because of the weather factor, we don’t have a regular schedule but if the weather looks nice and you’re interested in ‘rolling in’, check out our Portland United Church Facebook page for up to the minute details and announcements. If you were one of the 14 vehicles who joined us at some point last Friday or Saturday night, THANKS! Movies begin approximately 15 minutes after sunset. Email portlandunitedchurch10@gmail.com with further questions.

Thanks, Portland United Church Media Team

Will French

Rideau DHS


Portland United Church is enjoying streaming Sunday Services live on their YouTube Channel. Whether you are unable to attend in person, want to watch a Sunday service again mid-week or know someone who might want to check us out, simply click on the following address https://www.youtube.com/@portlandunitedchurch4900 to be taken directly to the Portland United Church YouTube Channel.

Please consider hitting the ‘Subscribe’ button (once you’ve navigated to the YouTube channel) as shown below. Note, only people with a Gmail account can easily subscribe by clicking this button. Clicking on the ‘Profile Picture’ (an example is shown below on the far left) for Portland United Church will provide you with other options such as viewing past recordings. Reach out to the EPPC office with any questions: office@eppc-ucc.com; 613-272-2002.


Thanks, Media Team at Portland United Church

Devotional Thought, April 29, 2023

This week, at my apartment building, we had the most delightful evening. There was a planned Pot Luck Dinner. Sometimes, we cringe at the thought of having 5 different kinds of macaroni salad, or six garden salads. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but….! To my amazement, it was just a delightful assortment of dishes – cold, hot, desserts, garlic bread, rolls, and on the list could go.

No one was told what to bring, yet the variety was delicious. And every one had more than enough, with leftovers for a few.

I got to thinking about this and a few observations brought clarity to this fun evening. Planning was done, and I believe no one really fussed about what they would bring. But, behind the scenes, there were conversations happening: ‘What are you bringing? Something hot! OK, then I will bring something cold.’ Or someone else saying: ‘Dessert is my thing. I have a great recipe I would like to try,’

All week, anytime you were around the Common Room with other people you would get snippets of information. No one had to tell you what to bring, you could figure it out yourself.

So, here you have it – a group of people, a common purpose, each one playing to their strength, each doing what they were supposed to, without hesitation, without worry, just getting on with the job. And the 24 people in attendance had a great time.

Exciting! That sounds like the church – a common goal, doing what God has equipped you to do, knowing it will work and Voila! Happy are the people who hear God’s leading and follow it. Everyone is different, everyone adds to the ministry as they are able and the banquet is beyond all that you can imagine!

Jump in. Enjoy the Pot Luck! And be blessed as God works out His feast and we are the beneficiaries, with lots left over to share with all who are invited to share with us. Fill up the table. Join the party. Your dish is needed!

To each of you, may you be blessed.

Liz Church

Pastoral Care Director

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge

1 Corinthians 12: 4-7

There are different kinds of gifts. But it is the same Holy Spirit Who gives them. There are different kinds of work to be done for Him. But the work is for the same Lord. There are different ways of doing His work. But it is the same God who uses all these ways in all people. The Holy Spirit works in each person in one way or another for the good of all.