Devotional Thought, June 17, 2023


I am spending time this week with my family in Mississauga. My granddaughter has a busy week. She is an inspiration to me! She is performing at her dance recital (Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance), and she is graduating from Junior High! The achievements she has made this year are incredible. I say this not just because of her accomplishments. But because her family life has been in turmoil. And her persistence to work through this is remarkable. Through all the ups and downs, she has continued to find enjoyment in her life. And the really amazing part of this is that she is 13 years old! Her education has been through the Christian School System. And while she may not be totally aware of this strong foundation, I believe it has given her strength beyond her years.

And I begin to focus on my spiritual life and other Christians around me. As I watch her, my mind goes to the verse of Scripture in  2 Timothy 2:15, from The Message – ‘Repeat these basic essentials over and over to God’s people. Warn them before God against pious nitpicking, which chips away at the faith. It just wears everyone out. Concentrate on doing your best for God, work you won’t be ashamed of, laying out the truth plain and simple…’ I can see the parallel. If we don’t spend time with our Creator, we will miss so many of the signs given us for a satisfying spiritual life. The need to be open to God’s will, and study His Word; the realization that God’s promises are true; taking God at His Word believing that in all things we can rely on these promises. That is the life we have. Wow! We are amazingly blessed.

Do if this week has been tough for you, if you have felt like you were alone, if you are disappointed – whatever your situation – take heart, call upon God. He hears you and knows you. He is waiting to hear from you.

May you shine as God’s Light in the world!


Liz Church

Director of Pastoral Care

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge




 Camp Awesome is a full-day faith-based day camp summer program, July 17-21 at Trinity United Church, Smiths Falls, that is active, engaging and fun for children.  We combine vacation bible school teachings, including stories, songs and crafts, with interactive games and theme day fun.  Healthy snacks provided!

 Camp Awesome has a program for every age group:
CA Camper – Ages 4 * – 12

CA Crew – Ages 12 – 13

Youth Leadership – 13+

Cost per child is $150 for the week at Trinity United Church, Smiths Falls, with a free (return) bus from Perth (pick up at St. Paul’s United, Perth at 8:15am, returning at 4:25pm).

Financial assistance is available for families.

Children of any faith, or none, are welcome!

Healthy snacks provided!

* Campers must be at least 4 years of age at time of camp and completed a year of school. (JK or equivalent)