Devotional Thought, July 22, 2023

Do you remember when someone would try and give you that unanswerable question: ‘Does a tree falling in the forest make a noise if there is no one there to hear it?’ or ‘How do you know that you exist?’ or ‘Why does the sun lighten our hair colour but darken our skin?’

Every once in a while it is fun to sit and think on these brain teasers! But here is a question I don’t think we will read on Google. ‘Is the sanctuary filled when we leave the church?’

The picture you see above was taken by Annette a few weeks ago. She was drawn by a light showing through the door of the sanctuary. Upon entering, this is what she saw. She sent me a video of the light moving and from where the light was shining through one of our glass windows, the Hand of Jesus, outstretched!

Immediately upon viewing this, I saw an angel – relaxing, floating around! And a song we sang when I was young came to me: ‘All day, all night, angels watching over me!’ Now, you may think I’m silly but here is what I know – God is everywhere. God sends us comfort. His peace fills our lives. And He lives in us.

Unexpected messages – flashes of light, a formation in a cloud, a path through the forest, a memory – all given to us, when we need it. That powerful lesson comes to us when it is least expected, but always as a reminder that we are not alone.

Whatever your circumstances this week, take those moments to look around you and see God. His Presence will fill your life!

May you shine as God’s Light in the world!

Liz Church

Director of Pastoral Care

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge