Devotional Thought, July 22, 2023


Earlier this month, a congregant came and mentioned a story to me. Now, I don’t remember it all. But this part I do: ‘I feel like I’m hitting a brick wall’. And I guess we have all been there. It was the next statement that struck home: “You know, brick walls can be used to lean on!”

So, I got to thinking about all the brick walls I have faced and how I made use of them. I remember a time, many years ago. No matter how hard I tried to change my situation, it came back. No one was listening to me. I was frustrated beyond belief. It was like the brick wall was closing in on me. In a moment of despair, I turned! And there was the gate. Until that moment, I felt hemmed in. It was as if the Lord opened my eyes. In that instant, the clarity of my path was shown to me. Just the right person was there, showing me the help that was available. And from there, I kept progressing until this present day.

Now, there were a few times, the brick wall began to build, almost to the point of blocking my way. It was then, I again realized, that removing brick by brick might be the way to go. Don’t tackle everything at once. Face the facts of life. Work at it. Seek guidance. Use the right tools. And, as the walls of Jericho tumbled, so can yours.

But sometimes, the process will be painful, hard work! And you will be exhausted. It is then you can lean on the wall in front of you. Let it be your Strength. Look at the wall and see God in it. Rest and take note of the powerful Support you are leaning on. And then, face the obstacle, move on with courage and determination.

From time to time, it might be necessary, to look at the humorous side of what is happening in our lives. Writer Oscar Wilde famously wrote: “I like talking to a brick wall—it’s the only thing in the world that never contradicts me!” So, take a breath, laugh, figure out where you are headed, and get moving. Progress will be the reward for you.

So, as you stand in front of that brick wall today, be assured there are others, standing in front of theirs. And whether you are laughing, crying, yelling, praying, God is in your midst. You are never alone.

May you shine as God’s Light in the world!

Liz Church

Director of Pastoral Care

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge