2023-08-19 Weekly E News

Elgin-Portland Pastoral Charge

The Joint Trustees would like to thank everyone involved in helping recognize the Volunteers of our Clothing Coop at last Sunday’s Picnic. To our volunteers at the Clothing Coop, thank you so much for the role you play: Joan Kelly, Mimi Lavigne, Sandy Preston, Chris Good, Dawn Lawson, Sandy Merryweather, Dorothy Rowan, Judy Harting, Betsy Walters, Marg Cripps, Lynne Evans and a plethora of other volunteers who have served in the coop’s past 27 years.

If you would like more information on becoming a volunteer, please reach out to Joan Kelly, Will French or Adrian Overdulve.

Elgin United Church


The YAHBC will meet again on the 24th of August a Thursday at about 9 am. at the Junction Restaurant and folks from both churches are welcome. Because we are hoping for more people we are asking that you let us know at least a day ahead of time if you are coming so the restaurant is staffed for us. You can contact Clint or Ted by what ever means you are most comfortable with either by phone, email or text. For Ted text at 613 340 3527, Clint at 613 217 0054. Most of you know our email or land line numbers.

Barb Rowat continues to improve and is in good spirits. She enjoys visits and calls, so when you have a moment reach out to her at Providence Care. Please keep Barb, Jim and their children in your prayers though out their journey of recovery.

Mark your calendars for a busy October of concerts at EUC with Small Halls October 13th and Canadian Women in Song October 21st.  More info will follow.  Other October events are in the planning stages.

The 3rd annual Elgin United Church fall Crafters/Vendors Market is set for Saturday, October 14th at 300 Hartsgravel Rd., Elgin, ON.

More details will follow.

Happy Anniversary to Anne and Adriaan Overdulve, August 24th. May your day be totally awesome.

Happy Birthday to Michael Gordanier,  August 24th, and Jack Gill, August 26th. 

Elgin and Area Heritage Society presents Music in the Park featuring the Beverley Trio. 2 – 4 pm at Heritage Park, Sunday August 27th. Bring your own chair.

Elgin United Church Council

Portland United Church

A huge Thank-you to the Joint Trustees for organizing the event to show EPPC’s appreciation of the work the clothing co-op volunteers, under the direction of Joan Kelly.

The change in venue to PUC, after weather threats forced a change from Colonel By Island, was hardly noticed.

After breaking bread together in the Friendship Room everyone moved upstairs to the Sanctuary where all were entertained by:

  • Budding actors in a number of skits
  • Dance and songs performed by the Church family
  • A singalong led by Anne and Jim Barton

The attendance was strong and all took advantage of Good Food, Good Friends and Good Times .

Thank-you to the Volunteers and the Joint Trustees

Portland United Church Chit Chat new times starting at 10 a.m. to Noon every Thursday.

The parents of Evan Seay have asked us to put Evan on the prayer list. He is a three-year-old with some health issues they are trying to diagnose at CHEO, and we just need all the help we can get.

With his family by his side, on Friday  August 11 2023 Herb Hutchings of Forfar, Ontario passed away. Loving husband to Shelva.  Loving father of Roger (Debbie) Hutchings of Calgary, Sherry Lea (Kevin) Strank of Carleton Place. Cherished grandfather to Meghan Publow (Pat) and Brittany Strank, Tyler and Nichole Hutchings.

UCW meetings resume Tues Sept 12 at 1:30. We look forward to seeing everyone and new members are welcome.

Portland United Church Council

Devotional Thought, August 19, 2023

There is a lot of wisdom to be found on T-shirt sayings. I enjoy passing a few hours looking at these. Sayings like: ‘I may not be perfect, but Jesus thinks I’m to die for’; or – ‘We are all broken, that’s how the Light gets in’. And then there is the one in the picture above.

In today’s devotional I really wanted to focus on things we take for granted, yet are powerful indications of spiritual growth. For instance, how many times a day do you say, or hear, the name Jesus. It slips off our tongue so easily. But, take a moment and think about this “JESUS” – who is He to you? Let me list just a few things: My God, my King, my Lord, my Saviour, my Healer, my Refuge, my Provider, my Strength, my Defender, my Protector, my Peace, my Joy, my Life, my Everything!

And now, take each of these words and fill in how Jesus supplied you with these assurances. Some of them will speak deeply to you. Some of them you will relate to even as you read the words.

The essence of gratefulness relies on us being aware of our blessings. Life is tough for many. In fact, for most people, they could relate a life situation where they struggled, when they faltered, when they blossomed, when they leapt for joy. The ups and downs, the mountains and the valleys – we all have them.

In the midst of all that is happening in your life, I want you to know you are not alone – family, friends, and above all our God. Believe in Him, trust in Him.

And the final saying I would leave with you from the T-shirt experiment is this: FAITH is like Wi-Fi. It’s invisible but it has the power to connect you to what you need.

May you shine as God’s Light in the world!

Liz Church

Director of Pastoral Care

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge