2023-10-21 Weekly E-News

Elgin United Church

Happy Birthday to Mark Bee, may his special day be even more special with family and friends.

SOLD OUT – The Canadian Women in Song Concert is SOLD OUT.  Awesome.

The Rideau Lakes Swans are hosting a breakfast from 8 to noon at the Elgin Municipal Complex on Saturday October 28th.


The Young at Heart Breakfast Club will meet this Thursday the 28th of October at 9 am at the Junction restaurant.

Both churches are invited and everyone that comes enjoys themselves and we are getting folks from both churches.

In order that the restaurant can accommodate us let Clint 613 217 0054 cell or Ted 613 340 3527 cell know by whatever means you find most comfortable by noon Wednesday. Hope to see you there.

Advance notice of a Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) in Dementia Care education session hosted by Elgin United Pastoral Care Group from 1-4pm Sunday, November 19th at the Elgin Municipal Complex. All are welcome. More information will be shared closer to the event.


Elgin United Church Council

Portland United Church

Portland Chit Chat is open on Thursday mornings from 10:00 until noon downstairs.  Come and enjoy a coffee or tea and visit with your neighbours.

Special Request for Theatre Props

Does anyone have a pair (or two) of old hockey skates – 60’s era – a young boy’s size and an older youth?  These are just to be carried.

Perhaps they are still hanging from a nail in your basement!  (The play closes December 3.)  Thank you! Contact Norma Cummings 613-359-0151 or nccummings@hotmail.com


Portland United Church – Pillowcases for CHEO

Portland UC hosts a group of dedicated women on the 3rd Wednesday  of each month were colorful pillowcases are made for the young patients at CHEO.

The women can be found sewing, cutting, pinning, ironing and matching fabric colors, all while enjoying a time to work and socialize together for a good cause.

Donations are also greatly appreciated to help buy fabric & other supplies.

New volunteers are most welcome.  Drop by at 9 a.m.!


Portland United Church Council

Devotional Thought, October 21, 2023

Last week I talked about nature. In terms of colours, beauty, and Creator. This week I will again talk about colours, but from the perspective of a puzzler. Not many days go by without a puzzle set up in the Common Room where I live (and where you are likely to find me on many occasions).

I recently completed a puzzle that from all appearances should have been simple. Only 1000 pieces (my favorite size). Yet it took more than a month to complete. The babbling brook part was easy. And that is where stress-free ended! The mixtures of autumn coloured leaves, the sun shining through the branches, the tree trunks themselves – all led to enough frustration that anyone who usually joins me, gave up. When the final piece was completed, I knew that challenge would not be repeated again.

This got me thinking about recent events at the church. Many times, after I come home from church, I get to thinking about how God spoke to me during the service. The outline of the service is similar each week. What changes most are the words given to us from the preacher. Add to that our Bible study on Monday nights, and all of a sudden you have a plethora of facts running around in your head, like pieces of a puzzle, that need to fit together.

Rev. Powell, a couple of weeks ago, spoke on being thankful. Rev. Seaman, last week spoke on being the salt of the earth. Monday night Bible Study was about the Sower and the seed. In an unexpected way, those of us participating, have been brought back to basics. The teachings of our youth seemed to come alive and we were excited again about the realization that the depth of God’s love surpasses anything we have here in earth.

Just like a puzzle, putting life together is a lifelong achievement. As you work through it, the steps (pieces) become clearer, the picture more vivid, more defined. You get a sense of direction to take you to the next step. And occasionally, the pieces (life) get mixed up, or one seems to be missing. Yet, you continue until that finish line gets the adrenaline flowing and you rush to completion.

Undeniably, you take a breather, glad to have accomplished your goal. And before you know it – the NEXT PUZZLE IS WAITING! So, if you are in the midst of moving the puzzle pieces to fit, or sorting through the mountain of choices in front of you, know the work is worth it, each step comes when it is needed, and the goal is a life filled with Christ!

Be blessed and refreshed this day.


Liz Church

Director of Pastoral Care

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge