2023-12-30 Weekly E-News

Elgin Portland United Church

Happy New Year to all from Elgin Portland Pastoral Charge.

We wish Rev Takouhi and Gary a Happy Anniversary. All the best and many more.

Thank you isn’t enough in appreciation to Liz Church for leading Advent and Christmas Worship. We are blessed she is in our midst serving the community and God. Thank you Liz,  blessing.

Our prayer list is extensive.  There are names that needed to be added to your daily prayers.

I am sure there are others we should be praying for. Please keep the Pastoral Care Director, Liz Church or Clint Halladay updated.


 Annual Report dates and AGMS

It was decided at the last Official Board meeting after much discussion that the annual reports should be in to Annette by the 17th of January with the treasurers reports by the 24th of January.

All AGMs will be held on Sunday the 18th of February. Both churches right after their regular services and the O.B. probably about 3 pm.

Ted A/Chair Official Board.

Elgin United Church

EUC council meeting Tues Jan 16 @ 7 pm

Bradley Edwards – We share the sad news of Sonny and Becky Edwards’ 16-year-old son Bradley. Bradley has suffered multiple strokes and has undergone 2 major brain surgeries after a ***vertebral arterial dissection in his neck that caused strokes in his entire left cerebellum, right cerebellum and top of brain***. Although he is young and strong, his outcome is tenuous. Bradley attends RDHS and works summers and weekends at Gordaniers. Sonny and Becky are staying at a hotel near CHEO, which, with both being self-employed, is a significant financial impact. Please hold the Edwards family in your prayers and consider a donation to help offset their costs. You can donate directly, through the church or through GoFundMe at https://gofund.me/ff20a414.

Elgin United Church Council

Portland United Church

Sheila Campbell – health concerns,

Kay Seward – pending eye surgery and other health concerns.

PUC council meeting Tues Jan 30 @ 7 pm

Monday evening Bible Study group – 6:30 – Portland United Church

The best New Year’s resolution is to enrich your relationship with the Lord. Please join come share in the New Testament Bible study and discussion group. Meetings resume on January 8th. All are welcome, no matter your current level of Bible knowledge. Contact Jim Barton at 613-328-4089 or at ccjimbarton@gmail.com; Liz Church at lizchurch1@hotmail.com

Portland United Church Council

Devotional Reflection

December 30, 2023

Another year, another discovery. I have no idea whether it is because my body is slower, my brain does not process quite fast enough, or just that GADGETS are becoming more sophisticated. Let me explain!

I was visiting at a friend’s house. In the morning, when I went to take a shower, I could not quite figure out how to turn on the water or how to make the water come through the showerhead. Oh, and there were two showerheads! What happened to just jumping into the shower and getting clean? And one other thing, I had already used this shower before!

And it caused me to start thinking about this New Year we are moving in to. If you have read my devotionals this past year, you will know there were many events in my own life that were shocking, grief-stricken and downright tough. But also, there were funny moments, uplifting moments, and many events I would like to repeat.

We are now focusing into 2024. And we will again face many challenges, I am sure. I cannot see the future but I can hardly contain the joy and exuberance I feel with having the opportunities I believe will come my way.

On the same morning, as the shower incident, I was listening to a Christian Radio Channel when I heard these words: “Be the best version of you!” Right there and then I pulled my car over and wrote down those words. The best version of me. Now that is something worth striving for.

For all my life I have worked at being that person I could be proud of. But many times, I struggled with what others wanted for me, or what I saw in others, and I began to be swayed.

I can tell you that just repeating the words “Be the best version of me” takes away a heavy burden. Because, being my best also fits in completely with what God wants for me. After all, He made me – unique and wonderful, different than anyone else! My task is to be the best of that person my Creator has made.

Now, as we approach the year of 2024, many will be looking for that perfect New Year Resolution. And I believe it is exactly as I stated: “Be the Best Version of Me”.

You may certainly come up with more – ways to make you remember, ways to lose weight, ways to exercise more, ways of being a better housekeeper, a better parent, a better child, a better student and on the list can stretch. But when you look at your list I’m sure you see, as I have, being the best version of me fits all those things.

So have fun as you enter into this New Year. And remember the ‘best version of you’ is your gift to God and to all who you encounter.

Be blessed and refreshed this day.


Liz Church, Director of Pastoral Care

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge