2024-1-13 Weekly E-News

Elgin Portland United Church

Our prayer list is still growing.  Please keep the Pastoral Care Director, Liz Church, or Clint Halladay updated.


The YAHBC meets Thursday the 18th of January at the Junction restaurant at 9 a.m. One week earlier than usual.  If you are going to come let either Clint or Ted know by whatever means you are comfortable with by noon Wednesday the 17th. We had 16 out last month so looking forward to seeing you. Ted


Annual Report dates and AGMS

It was decided at the last Official Board meeting after much discussion that the annual reports should be in to Annette by the 17th of January with the treasurer’s reports by the 24th of January.

All AGMs will be held on Sunday the 18th of February. Both churches right after their regular services and the O.B. probably about 3 pm.

Ted A/Chair Official Board.

Elgin United Church

Happy belated Birthday to Owen Gill and Barret Montgomery who celebrated this past week.

Happy Birthday to Joanne McLean, Sunday January 14th. Have a most enjoyable day Joanne.

EUC council meeting Tuesday January 16 @ 7 pm

Bradley Edwards – Bradley has had a very difficult week, having had another surgery this week.  The good news is as off Wednesday he is awake and stable. The doctors feel encouraged that improvement will continue.  Please keep  Bradley and his family in your prayers. Sonny and Becky are staying at a hotel near CHEO, which, with both being self-employed, is a significant financial impact.  Please  consider a donation to help offset their costs. You can donate directly, through the church or through GoFundMe at https://gofund.me/ff20a414.

Elgin United Church Council

Portland United Church

The following names are still on our prayer list.

Sheila Campbell,  Kay Seward, and Bradley Edwards is still in the hospital.

PUC council meeting Tuesday January 30 @ 7 pm

Monday evening Bible Study group – 6:30 – Portland United Church

The Monday evening Bible study group that meets at Portland UC at 6:30 follows a daily personal Bible reading schedule that can be done in as little as ten minutes/day and will complete the New Testament every 6 months. When we meet, we discuss the readings of the past week; we share any questions, comments, or thoughts about them. This week’s readings will cover Matthew chapters 12-18. It is an interactive discussion group with the purpose of encouraging one another as we strive to learn and live by the teachings of Jesus Christ. Please join in the conversation, any questions are considered, and everyone is welcome whether new to Bible reading or well-seasoned. Come let us grow together!

We remind everyone that in the unfortunate situation it is necessary to cancel the Sunday service an email will be sent out by 8.15 am..

If the weather is questionable,

  • please assess your own situation re the safety of travelling to church
  • check your email to ensure that church has not been cancelled

Portland United Church Council

Devotional Reflection

January 13, 2024


Finally, a real taste of winter. Fresh snow on a number of days. Joy on the faces of those who love this white stuff, and disgruntled citizens all over the place as they dig out from the storms.

And I say: ‘What an opportunity to show the best version of you!’ Did you get the chance to help a neighbour shovel their walkway? Did you clean off a car for someone else?

Or maybe, you were the recipient of someone else showing their best version of themselves to you!

I don’t know about you but I feel that God gave me lots of opportunities this week to move beyond my comfort zone and get out there and put into practise my Best Version of Me.

Moving beyond this now I reflect back this week on a familiar hymn we used to sing, at least in this part of the hemisphere. Whiter than the snow, whiter than the snow, wash me in the blood of the Lamb, and I shall be whiter than snow.

I remember as a child a missionary coming to our church and telling us a story about a place in Africa where he was serving. They used this song but the words, when interpreted in their language read: Whiter than the milky cocoanuts! Being a child, I laughed at this and sang it that way for many months later!

This for me is a reminder that God speaks to us in a language we understand; sometimes meant only for me.

And as I gaze out my window at the freshly fallen snow, and see how pristine the landscape appears, I am encouraged to know that God’s sacrifice has cleansed me, has saved me, has called me.

I will go out today and walk in this snow, leaving footprints. I will turn to look at them and rejoice in the sheer joy of knowing I am moving on the path laid out before me; a path chosen for me since before I was born. I have no idea where it will lead me – will it be around the neighbourhood, meeting and greeting people? Will it be in a visitation to a home for a pastoral visit? Will it be to share a cup of coffee with a friend? Will it be to show God’s grace to another?

I am excited to see where the best version of me will show up! Hoping to hear from you and how you were blessed by meeting the best version of yourself and others!

Be blessed and refreshed this day.


Liz Church, Director of Pastoral Care

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge