2024-04-27 Weekly E-News

Elgin Portland United Church

Bible Discussions Groups

Relationships are built on shared communication. Prayer is a one-way communication. Come share in a Bible Discussion Group to learn why you should routinely be reading God’s word to complete that conversation with the Lord. We’ll help you get started. Portland UC 6:30 Monday Evening & Elgin Mun. Complex Community Room, 10 am Tuesday Morning. For info contact Jim at ccjimbarton@gmail.com or 613-328-4089.  Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

 Elgin United Church

Sunday, April 28th Carol Ann Jacob celebrates her 70th Birthday. All are welcome to join her celebration party at the Elgin Municipal Complex Sunday afternoon. Cards and best wishes only. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carol Ann, may your day be extra special.

Our condolences and prayers are with the Keates family on the death of wife, mother, friend, and long time Elgin Church Member Jansje Keates. May God hold her in his loving embrace.

Joanne McLean went to the hospital last Friday evening with what I understand is fluid retention. While there she fell and broke her hip and right shoulder.  She underwent hip replacement surgery Sunday evening and her shoulder is being treated with a sling. Please keep both Joanne and John in your prayers.

The Untied Church of Canada (not a spelling mistake)

June 6, 2025 the United Church of Canada celebrates 100 years of union. Dr.Brian Arthur Brown has authored the book “the Untied Church of Canada” unfettered for 2025 celebrations.  This book is intended to celebrate the diversity and influence of The United Church of Canada throughout the vast reaches of this land.

The book lists at $39.95; however, orders of twenty-five (25) of more are $9.95. Let us look into individual purchases, council purchases, and other means, including partnering with Portland United so that our charge can meet or surpass the magic number.

I have the charge copy of the book, we only received one, and will share it with you to scan through if you wish. It is an interesting and enlightening read, and worthy of a prominent place on your bookshelf or coffee table.

Please let me know ASAP if you wish to purchase an individual copy.    Blessings…Clinton Halladay

An entry from the United Church of Canada Book Store reads:

Much like to the Confederation of Canada which preceded it, the glorious church union that formed The United Church of Canada was consummated by straight, white, English, male settlers. On June 10, 1925 there was no vote, no voice, and no participation by women, LGTBQ2S+, Indigenous, Black, and Asian Canadians (or even francophones, in the case of the church). Then in freedom from unnecessarily restrictive credal and social traditions, those in racial, linguistic, and gender bondage got “untied” during the following century, and share now in full participation and leadership.

After mid-century expansion, with changing demographics and smaller families, the United Church has now slimmed back down to its 1925 size of 300,000 active households, but is discovering that being leaner can actually mean being healthier in certain important ways. That “untied” church is now “an ecclesial machine; lean, green and keen,” implementing a Strategic Plan for 2023–2025, celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2025, and preparing for its next century in an evolving Canada.

Earth Day

Thank you to all who attended our Earth Day event last Sunday, and to all who prepared food and helped with set-up and clean-up.  The community lunch was delicious, and the leftovers were distributed to grateful recipients in the community, as well as eight servings of soup frozen for the Meals to Go program (talk about the loaves and fishes!). After we enjoyed a moving service led Rev. Trish, the movie ‘Kiss the Ground’ challenged us yet also left us with great hope. Donations at the door also raised $225 which will be used as bursaries for children to attend Frontenac Arch Biosphere nature camps.

We worked collaboratively with St. Luke’s/Leeds Anglican parish and Country Roads Community Health Centre for this event and are excited to discuss and plan future community service collaborations with both groups.

              Portland United Church

As always, you are invited to drop in weekly on Thursdays to Chit Chat, downstairs between 10:30 and 12:00 noon.

Don’t miss a chance to enjoy The Little Mermaid production at Rideau District High School April 26 to May 4th.  For tickets call 613-485-6434 or visit ticketsplease.ca

An advance planning event:

This is a notice of the second annual ecumenical worship service and potluck event held at Bethel United Church.  Last year, we had a lovely time with about 45 people with 7 different churches represented.  The sentiment “we should do this more often” was heard many times.

So, we are!

Bethel United Church would like to invite you to be part of this on July 7 beginning at 4:30 PM.  We will have an informal worship service, that I hope all of you can participate in, and it will be followed by a ‘true’ potluck supper.  Last year the tables were groaning with food!!!  I’m considering using Matthew 18:30 “Where 2 or 3 are gathered….” and that we can specifically address rural and small church issues.

Volunteer Appreciation Event

Portland United Church Council


Devotional Reflection

April  27, 2024

SPRING CLEANING! UGH! Just saying those 2 words makes me shiver and shake all over! Another ‘TO DO’ list is not what I want or really need.

There was a time in my life when things were much simpler.  Growing up in our house it seemed there were always chores to do and responsibilities that needed attention. We made a game of it. After our regular Saturday chores were completed, some of my sisters and myself would decide the windows needed washing, or it was time to change the furniture in our bedrooms. There was joy in the tasks. Running errands meant we might get an extra treat. Cleaning our rooms might give us an extended curfew. Life was good – and fun!

As I thought about this, I am reminded that I now make up my own ‘To Do’ list, or the Spring-cleaning schedule. So why make it so ominous? And if the windows don’t get done this week, next week is a possibility! Or NOT!

Of course, I realize the danger in this procrastination tactic. So, I have thought of a new approach to this. And I will put it in to practise – MAYBE!

Rather than trying to exercise, I will use my spring-cleaning tasks instead. Did you know that pulling up your sheets, changing your pillowslips, folding your comforter and blankets can burn up to 70 calories an hour (and nowadays it could take an hour to do that). That’s the equivalent of 20 minutes of pilates.

I will dance and sing my way through those mundane chores of dusting baseboards, cleaning dust bunnies, purging my closet, and updating my spice rack! My ‘Alexa’ can help me with that. She knows my voice and responds to my commands! She will play my favorite music to keep me motivated.

I also thought I could make some hands-free phone calls during this time, but alas! The person I talk to would hear my laboured breathing and wonder if they should be calling an ambulance!

I recently discovered that our library has connected us to the ability to download audio books. That allows me to listen and learn while I accomplish my spring-cleaning. (Of course, this multi-tasking uses a lot of brain power, so…)

I’m sure, by now, you are thinking of all kinds of ways to accomplish this task of spring-cleaning.

And if all else fails, LET SOMEONE ELSE DO IT!

All this leads me to the reason for writing to you. In our spiritual lives we sometimes feel bogged down, like we are not making any progress, and that life is beating us down.

Perhaps now is the time to take an opportunity and write out your SPIRITUAL SPRING-CLEANING – THE ‘REAL TO DO LIST’!

This is a list of things that will enhance your spiritual living and draw you closer to God. So here goes. Give it a try.

Laugh, sing, dance!

Count your blessings!

Lend a helping hand

Read (or listen to) your Bible

Pray, pray, pray


Keep on loving

And at the close of this day, rejoice! For you are blessed.

And you are refreshed.

And ready for tomorrow!

Know that you are loved.

Liz Church, Director of Pastoral Care

Elgin/Portland Pastoral Charge