Cases of Caring

Cases of Caring, with the sponsorship of Portland United Church, is
comprised of a group of about ten women who meet once a month to sew
pillowcases for children who are in the Children’s Hospital of Eastern
Ontario (CHEO).

The membership is comprised of members from the community at large –
Elgin, Portland, Westport and environs.  We have members who sew at home
and donate the pillowcases to the group.  Some members are cottagers who
come during the spring, summer and fall.  We welcome any sewer (or
non-sewer) to join our group.  Ironers, folders, cutters and label sewers
are as welcome as those sewing.

Since 2008 this group has provided approximately 35 pillowcases a
month for children at CHEO.  The cases are made of bright, cheery material
and are given to the children to keep.  We are really encouraged by the
thank you letters we have received from patients, families and volunteers.
Letters from the children are especially heart-tugging.

The fabric for the cases can be expensive although we are very frugal
shoppers looking for quality fabric for the best price.  The shopping
excursions are such fun for us!

We have been assisted financially by donations from our church
members, PUC Board and Portland UCW and the Clothing Co-operative.
Service clubs and other organizations in the area have been generous as
well.  Donations by individuals made through the church are eligible for a
tax receipt. And of course, when one of us sees fabric she can’t resist we
just buy it and donate it to the cause!

Cases of Caring