Confirmation – The Renewal of Baptismal Faith

butterfly-picture- ConfirmationThe Renewal of Baptismal Faith takes place when individuals have experienced an awakening to a deeper understanding of the promises made in their baptism.

The Confirmation service takes place in a variety of circumstances—with those previously baptized and are making a first public profession of faith, or with those baptized persons who wish to reaffirm their faith at particular moments in their lives (for example, the transfer of membership from other denominations or congregations, in response to specific life experiences, or when returning to active participation in a congregation after a period of little contact or involvement); with whole congregations that wish to reaffirm their baptismal covenant.

The rite of Renewal of Baptismal Faith should take place within the context of the celebration of worship, similar to the Rite of Baptism.

Confirmation Classes are usually offered in the beginning of the year for individuals who are in grade 8 and up. Topics covered in the series of studies are: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; the Bible, Christian decision-making (lifestyle), church history and The United Church of Canada.

Should you or anyone you know is interested to go deeper in their Christian Faith and would like to renew their Baptismal Faith by attending Confirmation classes.  Please contact our church office.