Elgin United – Margaret Anne Ross

Margaret grew up in Elgin and, Inspired and encouraged by her music-loving parents, she learned to play the piano at an early age and, soon after, began playing piano and organ at Elgin United Church.

Upon graduation from high school, she entered the music program at Queens university where she studied with the  classical pianist, educator and recording artist Valery Lloyd-watts, followed by a Bachelor of Education.

Margaret then joined a group of musicians backing up a female vocalist from ireland and traveled with them for a number of years including a tour to Central America.

Over the years, she has taught piano to many, accompanied choirs and soloists and, most recently, with the help of the talented Audio/Visual Team at EUC, created a CD entitled “This Little Light of Mine” as a fund-raising project for the church.

Now back in the Elgin area with her family, she enjoys the musical collaborations associated with the wonderful connections at Elgin and Portland United Churches.

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