Portland United Church – Music Director’s Welcome

Being a choir member is like being part of a hockey team. It requires teamwork, commitment and a desire to always perform at your best, while becoming one with all the other singers. You even get to wear a choir gown, just like wearing a hockey team’s jersey. And of course, if you’re the type that likes to attract attention to themselves and want to be a star player, you might get to sing a solo once in a while, just like getting a breakaway and scoring a goal with a slap shot.

You may believe that singing in a church choir is serious business, and it is. After all the choir’s job is to lead the congregation through the musical facets of a Sunday service, but it is also lots of fun. During the weekly Thursday evening choir practice there’s quite a bit of social chat going on where you get to make new friends and keep up on the not-so-serious gossip. And there’s always a couple of jokers in the group that never fail to make everyone have a good laugh, just like in a hockey team’s locker room.

The musical instruments used to support the choir include a grand piano, a recently acquired Johannus digital organ which sounds exactly like a pipe organ for those of you who appreciate such things, with the addition of tambourines, bongo drums and bells to liven up the music on special occasions. Throughout the seasons, the different styles of music the choir sings range from classical to traditional, spiritual, gospel, folk, new music, and sometimes even jazz-tinged songs, especially during the handful of special fundraising concerts presented throughout the year.

So, if you would like to feel that you’re part of a hockey team, but without the need for all the heavy gear and equipment, come and join the Portland United Church choir and help support the region’s liturgical needs. All are welcome. Even if you can’t read music, just bring your voice and the other team members will show you how it’s done. Help us become the best hockey team, I mean choir, that we can be.

Jean-Yves Duperron – Music Director