Portland United – Jean-Yves Duperron

Jean-Yves has always been involved with music in one form or another. First as a young boy in Ottawa learning to play the piano at his father’s side. He was quick to learn and developed a talent for the keyboard, enough so, that he went on to learn and play, at the age of 6, the massive pipe organ at the church where his father was choirmaster. It was somewhat nerve-racking but at the same time thrilling for him to play for the large congregation they had at the time. Through the years Jean-Yves has taught piano to music students, accompanied singers and choirs in various churches along the way, and composed some of his own music. He spent many years in music retail, some of which was in Montreal setting up and managing the Classical Music Department of a major superstore. Because of this, in 1993 he had the express pleasure of being selected to be a member of the judging panel for the Canadian Juno Awards, on which he sat on three occasions. It is this gift of an early appreciation for music that John considers to be the primal driving force in his life. Many twists and turns throughout his life took him in completely different directions, including a few years working as a Network and Computer Technician. Over the last ten years he has run his own website ‘Classical Music Sentinel’ of news and reviews on classical music recordings, which he still does, but his present position of Music Director at Portland United Church means he has come full circle back to where he belongs and to what he enjoys doing the most.