What We Believe

Mission Statement
A growing, caring Christian community working together, striving to make a difference by God’s grace.

Vision Statement
The Elgin-Portland Pastoral Charge of the United Church of Canada, is a growing, caring Christian community that works together striving to offer people a welcoming space and resources to explore their faith, enrich their lives and empower themselves by God’s grace and inclusive love.

Value Statements
As a Christian community, we, the members of the Elgin-Portland Pastoral Charge value:
1. Christian love as the root of all values, demonstrated through respect, affection, benevolence, goodwill and concern for the welfare of others and ourselves;
2. Kindness to and respect of each other, the welcoming of new people, the support of each other through difficult times and the celebrating of good news;
3. The educational pursuit of equality and inclusivity regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, social or economic status;
4. Courage in facing challenges, overcoming personal fears and making a stand for what is right;
5. Justice through fairness, the cessation of discrimination and the caring for the weak, poor and disadvantaged regardless of perceived “deservedness”;
6. Generosity and thankfulness, the offering of something to someone in need and the thankfulness for God’s love and His care for us;
7. Striving for truthfulness in sharing our convictions and associating with others, being honest and faithful to oneself and walking with others who seek to make informed moral choices;
8. Forgiveness and reconciliation by not bearing grudges or seeking revenge, by repairing damaged relationships and seeking conflict resolution;
9. Service and stewardship through putting the needs of others ahead of our own selfishness, and the taking of responsibility to use, not abuse, the resources of whatever nature we have been given;
10. Spiritual and material(1) security through the sense of well-being for the whole of creation in the context of peace with God and the positive harmony and healthy relationships with people.

Note 1: “Material” refers to the participation in and/or support of programmes and initiatives such as, but not limited to, Clothing Co-Op, Food bank, Dental Issues Group, Mission and Service.