Youth Program

We may not have many youth in the church pews, but we do have a circle of youth that gather regularly. With the cooperation of the Four Rivers Presbytery Congregational Life & Christian Growth Committee, we now gather once a month at a different church and have a youth event. The idea of these gatherings is to teach the young to have Food, Fun and Fellowship with each other and build strong relationships with their peers.

We have met and enjoyed, “Pizza as a Prayer”, where the youth had Pizza, prepared and performed skits and also learned the similarities and differences between ordering a pizza and praying. On another occasion, they learned to “Use the Noodle God gave them” and that is when all games had some kind of association with noodles, and enjoyed a spaghetti supper.

We will not bore you with details of each month’s activity, but all this to say that these gatherings attract 30-40 youth each month and the youth are ever excited, and look forward to get together at a different church and establish relationships of Love and Grace.